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The Offensive Coordinator Wishlist


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Fantasy land! 

J-Rob fired Todd Downing without Vrabel’s knowledge and got canned.

Congratulations. You’re the new GM of the Tennessee Titans. 

Now, you have to work with Mike Vrabel hire the new OC. Vrabel is too mad today to actually talk to you and just said on the phone “Our quarterback sucks. Hire whoever you want.” Taking him at his word, you start making phone calls. Who do you call? 

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21 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

Since we want to stay run oriented, I’m looking for someone from the Shanahan/McVay offense. I think that’s the only run oriented offense that’ll work in today’s NFL.

Our old school smashmouth style won’t get it done.

Jay Gruden HC experience was a QB coach look at his body of work with QB’s from RG3 to Cousins Gardner Minshew 

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2 hours ago, SpacemanSpiff said:

I’d be game for Jay Gruden. I think he could do a good job, but my first call would be Joe Brady. I know he got fired in Carolina and all, but it’s hard to think the guy who had Sam Darnold somehow leading the league in rush TDs through week 5 was the issue. 

Gruden because same offense that’s plus no change of playbook or terminology 

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