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Leisher's 2022 Packers Mock Draft 2/2/2022. Rebuild draft. WARNING, DON'T READ IF YOUR NOT OPEN MINDED.


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This all about what ifs.  I have never claimed to be a know it all or NFL expert.  This is for fun only, so enjoy!


  See the source image

Packers New STC:  Brayden (Call my own plays) Coombs

See the source image    Packers New Asst. STC:  Ben Kotwica


IMO, we try to keep this defense intact.  Key players I want to bring back, if the price is right.

xlyzq8roz2zqbzwghhje.jpg    DeVondre Campbell    ILB    jrolw2mal02qfyqvaeio.jpg    Rasul Douglas    CB    oy8k5se3uvwiw5oilfsv.jpg    Corey Bojorquez    P    ao8pyalmju2bejw1crh4.jpg    Allen Lazard    WR

Open to any other players brought back if the money is right.



xzrip6tfveh7sv0brk9p.jpg    pjuadud91xojjliupqn0.jpg     Packers package Rodgers and Cobb to Denver for picks #9, #40, #63, 2023 1st rd,   fxccs09ntyjfkfeylfix.jpg  pdvlznolnrtqpvwlwr0g.jpg  Drew Lock and Dalton Risner

(Love, Lock and Benkert are the QB.)

sz3ceb87d7aqa4j5uqwz.jpg    jlafvxoweo5pg3gzjjjq.jpg    Packers Tag Adams, then send him and Za'Darius Smith to LVR for pick #22 and hgb0ayxuwpnu4pf4r2vm.jpg   Max Crosby



aqrcqso2vvwwt127pq8i.jpg    wl55jqsm6qhmcgapnvxa.jpg    kgpzwyhtlzaizmngbszd.jpg    Crosby, Turner and Burks


2022 NFL Mock Draft.  My team needs, WR, DL, LB, RS/ST, TE, DB, OL

#9.  Cleveland calls and offer picks #13 and #44 for #9.  Accept!

#13.  Saints call and offer picks #18 and #49 for #13.  Accept!


See the source image

Jahan Dotson    WR/ST    Penn St.


See the source image

DeMarvin Leal    DL/OLB    Texas A&M




DeVonte Wyatt    DL    Georgia

(D-Line is now Clark, Slaton, Crosby, Lowry, Wyatt and Leal)


See the source image

David Bell    WR   Purdue



See the source image

Cameron Thomas    Edge/ST   San Diego St.

(Edges are now Gary, P.Smith, Thomas and Leal.)



See the source image

Jalen Tolbert    WR    S. Alabama

(WRs are Lazard, MVS (?), Dotson, Bell, Tolbert and Rodgers)



See the source image

Darian Kinnard    OL    Kentucky

(OL is now Bak LT, Runyan LG, Myers C, Risner RG, Jenkins RT).    Kinnard, Newman, and Nijman round off the O-Line.



See the source image

Damone Clark    ILB/ST    LSU



Image result for quay walker ilb photos

Quay Walker    ILB/ST   Georgia

(ILB are Campbell, Clark, Walker and Barnes)



See the source image

Marcus Jones    CB/RS    Houston


See the source image

Smoke Monday    S/ST    Auburn



See the source image

Pierre Strong    RB/ST    S. Dakota St.  #3 RB




Troy Andersen    ILB/ST    Montana St.    (Adds to the ILB/OLB/PS depth as well as ST stud.)


See the source image

Yusuf Corker    S/ST    Kentucky    (ST Gunner)



See the source image

Daniel Hardy     Edge/ST    Montana St.  (ST/Edge/PS)



 photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect JollyShaun.jpg    Shaun Jolly    CB    Appalachian St.

photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect HicksJavon.jpg    Ja'Von Hicks    S    Cincinnati

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect EllissNoah.jpg    Noah Elliss    NT    Idaho

photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect DuplessisHunter.jpg    Hunter Duplessis    K    UTSA

photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect WrightRyan.jpg    Ryan Wright    P    Tulane

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect KramerDoug.jpg    Doug Kramer    C    Illinois

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect BrussLogan.jpg    Logan Bruss    T/G    Wisconsin

photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect CoanJack.jpg    Jack Coan    QB    Notre Dame

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect BerryTrae.jpg    Trae Berry    TE    Boston College

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect AllenChase.jpg    Chase Allen    TE    Iowa St.

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect TeagueMaster.jpg    Master Teague III    RB    Ohio St.

photo of 2022 NFL Draft prospect McCormickSincere.jpg    Sincere McCormick    RB    UTSA

photo of 2020 NFL Draft prospect WellsCarson.jpg    Carson Wells    OLB    Colorado


Hope you enjoyed this mock.




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First of all, great effort and detail. I agree that our top priority is to bring back as many members of the defense as possible. Love the name Smoke Monday...impossible that he doesn't become an NFL star.

Couple issues I would address is with the trades.

First one depends on that if rushers wants to be traded he'd probably submit a list of places he'd prefer to go to, and I can't imagine Denver being on that list since it's such a hard division. Then again, we could trade him against his wishes but we're not getting a starting offensive lineman in that deal. Denver would keep him and offer more draft picks if it came to it.

Second, sending Cobb will lower our return, which is already pretty robust even if it were just Rodgers. We'd just cut Cobb.

Lastly, as Cwood mentioned, we're not getting Crosby back in a trade. If we want to trade Devante and Z, they'll probably be in separate trades to different teams, and it would be for picks, not a player.

Also, for Dotson - I like taking a wr in the first (especially if we lose Adams) and maybe his stock rises during the draft process, but right now we should expect to get a better WR there and still get Dotson around pick 40 instead of Bell.

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I am very close minded, but I read this mock anyways


I'm not sure Adams and Z would be worth one of the leagues top pass rushers still on a rookie deal. I'm ok with the trade downs, I like going defense early as well. Not a huge fan of going WR so heavy so early, but with the trade downs I guess it's fine.


And any mock that goes all the way into priority UDFAs is a sign of a true dedicated mocker. A+

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Love the creativity and reading these mocks. I love gaining a ton of draft capital and investing in the future. I'd love to grab another Olineman early and one less WR early. Love is going to need some protection. The only unrealistic part I would say is Z & Adams for a 1st & Crosby. Just take Z & Crosby out of it and grab that 1st and maybe another 3rd. Otherwise if you really want Crosby, then its probably Adams and a 2nd or 3rd (might be wishful thinking even).

Great job!

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