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Three New Mocks (Post early FA)


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I've revised my thinking a bit based on who we've
signed in free agency. I could be off, but hey, mock drafts.
This is using the Draft Network sim. Thoughts?

Version 1
RD1  CB A.Booth
RD2  S  L.Cine
RD3 LB L.Chenal
RD4 OT D.Rosenthal
RD7 WR T.Thornton
RD7 OLB A.Barno

Version 2
RD1  OT B.Raimann
RD2  CB T.Woolen
RD3 LB D.Beavers
RD4 LB M.Sanders
RD7 WR T.Thornton
RD7 S B.Bolden

Version 3
RD1  CB  K.Elam
RD2  WR  S.Moore
RD3 LB Q.Walker
RD4 OT R.Walker
RD7 S V.McKinley
RD7 OLB A.Barno

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1 hour ago, jebrick said:

I would agree that this is pointing to a more defense heavy draft

Ehh....I think it will be mostly a BPA draft.     We could still use OL help, even though they probably wont go that way now.     We need WR help.    There is also a very good chance they go for a QB....even trade up....which I hope to hell doesnt happen.

Im also very hesitant about taking DBs early.    If Colbert were gone, I might be a little more open to it since it would be a new set of eyes and possibly a new mindset for evaluating DBs.    But Colbert and Tomlin have been an absolute disaster at evaluating DB talent in the draft.    Im not against taking one early, but a draft like draft 1 is extremely scary.    Last time we did that we drafted two hard busts (Burns and Sean Davis), and it goes well beyond just those two as well.

Not to say I would never draft a DB early again, but Im not confident in their ability to draft a good one early.

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