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Bruce Arians retires - joins front office as a draft/FA scout?


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Peter King on radio today was asked why he thought BA endorsed Bowles over lefty to succeed him. King says Bowles and BA had a very close relationship going back years. He said that BA's biggest want was loyalty and Bowles was that and more.

King said that BA revealed that if Bowles would have gotten another HC gig this off-season, BA was truly considering moving on from Bucs and going to that team to be in a Tom Moore role for Bowles.  

Very fascinating stuff there. 

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On 3/31/2022 at 6:45 AM, Dalan162 said:

The Bucs should hire Flores as DC. 

absolutely not. As much as I believe some of his story that came from Miami - I also believe that other coaches did not like him either. It's also easy to see his accusations towards the Giants were clearly false as he was the third african american coach to interview for the job - yet falsely accused the Giants for not honoring the Rooney Rule. 

He doesn't seem like an easy person to work with either. Minkah Fitzpatrick is not a character issue man and yet he had problems with Flores. 

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13 hours ago, ravishingone said:

So Licht needs help sorting out the draft?  This really won t stop the conspiracy theories.  Sounds like a fluff job, but hey BA helped win a SB so sounds good to me.

Yeah i think theres more to this story. BA is a control freak and it's very clear- the bucs looked ill prepared against the rams the first time they played last year in LA. Then looked absolutely the same unprepared unit in the divisional round of the playoffs. Factor in the lack of under neath routes and scheming and throiwng the ball 50+ times a game - i think Brady had enough of BA's philosophy. 

I like BA and think he's a good person. But as a coach he's hard headed - which is why i don't buy those aaron rodgers rumors. Brady is a guy that constantly adjusts to changes that work while BA was stuck in his old ways of doing things. 

I think Todd Bowles and Byron are better fits to work with Brady. Bowles has a High IQ and is deep into details - similar to Brady. He's also more humble and less talk at the podium which is nice. Leftwich is young and has seen adapting offenses both as a player and coach (even in his year in AZ outside of BA). I think Leftwich will adapt to a more modern day offensive scheme but still incorporate some of what he's learned under Arians. 

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