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The future of Christian McCaffrey


Fire sale  

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  1. 1. Christian McCaffrey traded? '23 2nd and '24 2nd

    • Yes, this season before the trade deadline while CMAC is still healthyish.
    • No, McCaffrey is worth more to Carolina as a face of the franchise than the draft capital he would draw. Carolina just needs another quality RB to share carries with.
    • I'm buying. That's a deal for an elite player in his prime.
    • I'm selling. He gets paid a lot and is injured a lot. I'll take the draft picks.
    • He gets traded to Buffalo. New Cole Beasley.
    • He gets traded to Broncos. Family reunion.
    • He gets traded to the 49ers. Shanahan reunion.
    • He gets traded to the Rams. The other Cooper Kupp.
    • CMac isn't getting traded, ya' dingus.
  2. 2. Brian Burns? '23 1st & '24 conditional 3rd (can be a 2nd) rounder.

    • I'm buying
    • I'm selling
    • He'll be traded. He's overrated but is a young pass rusher so someone will overpay.
    • He won't be traded. He's a face of the franchise and young. Burns can be a difference-maker at a key position.
  3. 3. DJ Moore? 1st rounder

    • I'm buying
    • I'm selling
    • He'll be traded. He's way overrated but has flashed & is young. Someone will pay a first, as that seems to be the going rate for higher-end receivers in trade.
    • He won't be traded. Moore can be a foundational piece at WR.

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May as well trade him for the greater good and that is my fantasy team.

This team is terrible and needs to go all-in on getting that #1 overall pick.  So in all seriousness, as much as I appreciate CMC and will cheer for him wherever he goes, I pray we're able to trade him and get some draft picks.  It will make this team so much worse than it already is.  

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