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Best/worst divisions for starting QBs in terms of watchability?


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Which division stacks up the best and which is looking bare? AFC South doesn't look good on paper but if those rookies pan out, that division is no longer a joke and its games will be very fun to watch.

AFC North 
Joe Burrow
Lamar Jackson
Deshaun Watson
Kenny Pickett

AFC East
Josh Allen
Aaron Rodgers
Tua Tagovailoa
Mac Jones

AFC South
Trevor Lawrence
CJ Stroud
Anthony Richardson/Gardner Minshew
Ryan Tannehill/Malik Willis/Will Levis

AFC West
Patrick Mahomes
Justin Herbert
Russell Wilson
Jimmy Garoppolo 

NFC North
Kirk Cousins
Jared Goff
Justin Fields
Jordan Love

NFC East
Jalen Hurts
Dak Prescott
Daniel Jones
Sam Howell/Jacoby Brissett

NFC South
Derek Carr
Bryce Young
Desmond Ridder
Baker Mayfield/Kyle Trask

NFC West
Matt Stafford
Geno Smith
Brock Purdy/Trey Lance
Kyler Murray


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1. AFC East: Allen/Rodgers/Tua/Mac(Narrowly beats out the AFC West because I trust Tua much more than Russ at this point in their careers)
2. AFC West: Mahomes/Herbert/Russ/Jimmy(a division with Mahomes and Herbert in it is very watchable)
3. AFC North: Burrow/Lamar/Watson/Pickett(Burrow and Lamar are fun to watch, Watson playing more like he did on the Texans and Pickett continuing to improve could make them competitive with the AFC East and West on this list)
4. NFC EastHurts/Dak/Jones/Howell(the two best QBs in the NFC make this the best division for QBs in the NFC, though that's not saying much)
5. NFC West: Stafford/Murray/Geno/Purdy(first division without an elite QB headlining it, though nobody bad either, this ranking slides to 6 or 7 if Colt McCoy is starting for the Cardinals Week 1)
6. NFC NorthKirk/Goff/Fields/Love(Kirk and Goff aren't exactly exciting, but aren't unwatchable either. Fields and Love taking the next step would help immensely)
7. AFC South: Lawrence/Tannehill/Stroud/Minshew(For this season at least, think Tannehill and Minshew start most of the year and don't think Richardson and Levis will be very watchable if they do get pushed into action early)
8. NFC South: Carr/Young/Baker/Ridder(Yikes, better hope Young and Ridder are the real deal)


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