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GB's and Jerry Straps: Foreskins at Dallas


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So what's bigger than a GB for Bland???

GB's: For the entire Offense and of course Bland gets a GB and the whole Turdunken.

Jerry Straps: Really no straps. I was thinking for the D just because we did let the skins move pretty freely between the 20's. But the skins do always play us tough. As well as the multiple 4th down stops and Blands pick six.

So no straps this week.

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Game Balls:

Bland - you broke one of the records that’s nearly impossible to break. It was set in 1971, and tied three times before you broke it. The last time anyone got near it was in 1993.

Dak - great game overall, and he missed at least one would-be TD in the 1st quarter. Very strong performance.

O-line - you guys looked absolutely dominant. Well done.

D-line - the entire crew made Howell’s life a living hell today.


Jerry Straps:

Sam Williams - the facemask penalty on the punt. I know that it’s ticky tack, but it was still a very stupid penalty.

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Romo pointed this out repeatedly on the broadcast, but this was a banner day for the offensive line. Ran for a cool 100 yards at 5.6 YPC, without any fluky long runs skewing that, and when they’d show the replay on some of Dak’s best passes, no one was even close to getting beat. We need this kind of performance from them against Seattle, Philly, and so forth.

Bland, what is there left to say at this point? What a find. The last 5th round CB I can think of who was this good was probably Richard Sherman. At this rate Bland will dwarf his career earnings

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2 hours ago, Nextyearfordaboyz said:

Yeah, bad penalty, too many lapses with him. But also want to highlight how fun it is that he plays gunner. What a freak.

No doubt. That’s why I said it was a ticky tack “knock” on him. Penalties on special teams happen to every team in nearly every game.

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