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New Year's day Mock


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At this point, I assume Marvin is back, so I won't include free agency.  I am assuming we tag McCarron and get a second for him, just not Cleveland's.....


1.  Roquan Smith  LB  Georgia.  Great sideline to sideline speed.  Perfect complement to Burfict.  If he's gone, then we go OT with Orlando Brown

2.  JeMarco Jones OT Ohio State.  Does this need to be explained?  If we go Brown in the first, then hope that rashaad Evans is still there at this pick (MLB, Bama)

2b (McCarron compensation)  Frank Ragnow  C  Arkansas  A great base in pass pro and a mauler in the run game.

3.  Lorenzo Carter  OLB  Georgia.  Remember the last time we took two GA linebackers?  This one turns out much better.

3b. (Zeitler comp)  Mike Gisecki  TE Penn State.  I assume we are done with Eifert, but even if we bring him back, Uzomah can easily be upgraded.

4.  Jarrett Stidham  QB  Auburn.  Replaces McCarron and could develop for the future as Dalton is closer to the end than the beginning.

5.  Deon Cain  WR  Clemson.  Our new Chris Henry type receiver.  If he is gone, do we look for a Sanu-like guy in Jevon Wims, Georgia??

5b.  (Whit comp) Dominic sanders FS  Georgia.  What can I say?  I like Georgia players.  In case you missed it, so does Marvin.

6.  Daniel Carlson  K  Auburn.  Bullock was good, but his leg is weak.  I want a guy that is allowed to attempt kicks over 50.  You know, like that rookie in Philly.

7.  Akrum Wadley  RB  Iowa.  Perfect tghird/4th RB.  Can return kicks, and is fast off the edge.


If we end up with another comp in the 7th, go with Marcus Baugh, TE, Ohio State.



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18 hours ago, Jason_Bengal_Fl said:

I think you have the priority wrong with the first round pick.  OT needs to be the target and MAYBE Smith if the top OTs are gone.  

I like pick 2, and frankly I think we need to draft 2 OTs anyway.

I like Gesicki if he's still there.

All on board with Carlson.

I've been driving the Orlando Brown hype train for months.  I wanted to try a different look, and Roquan is exactly what we need.


Suppose we get a free agent center.  Then our biggest needs are multiple LBs and OTs.  If Roquan gets to us, take him, then try to trade back up as quickly as possible to grab Orlando Brown.  Even if it means this year's second and a future first.  I think McCarron could be traded to a team in the late first for our second, him and maybe a 3/4.  Then grab Lorenzo Carter.  carter-Smith-Burfict would be beyond ruthless.

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