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Thoughts on ILB Deone Bucannon?

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Hey, I'm a Pats fan (yeah, yeah, I get it) and I was wondering about what you guys think of your ILB Deone Bucannon. Would you trade him? If so, what's his trade value? What does he contribute to the team? The Super Bowl exposed our slow front seven and Bucannon's a pretty decent ILB/S from the limited stuff I've heard with some great speed. I'd hope Bill trades for a guy like him or Jatavis Brown or Kwon Alexander or something. The draft's ILB class isn't the best and Bill tends to go DL in R1...

By the way - I hope the Cards destroy the '9ers and Garoppolo. Good for him on the contract and all, but >:( 

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He contributes a lot and has been an outstanding player for us for several years now. That being said, I am not sure what Steve Wilks will do with him, considering he is not your prototypical ILB. He was hurt a little this year, which is why you see a low grade on PFF. It's honestly really hard to put a value on a guy like him considering he's not going to be playing the same position on every team. He was once upon a time he was a first round draft choice, my ball park answer would be a second round draft choice, but I am not sure how willing we would be to part ways with him due to our lack of depth at ILB

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I think outstanding player is a little strong he shows a lot of flash, moves very well, but the mistakes are still there. His over aggressive nature will lead him to run himself out of plays at times and given his history as a safety he can be shaky in coverage. 

He is a replaceable part in the NFL these days and really needs a defensive unit to build around the holes he leaves while playing his style of game.

He is likely going to see his option picked up going into his 5th year, but contract wise I think he and the team will have very different values on him.

A year with Al Holcomb could help him iron out some of the roughness in his game too.


Note: Wilks and Holcomb have had success with converted safeties at LB in both Davis and Thompson. They like speed at the position so I think Deone will have a role to fill.

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