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2018 8th Round / UDFA


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Use this thread to post about UDFA signings.

Some players I hope we sign (favorites in bold)


QB Josh Allen (Houston) [Carolina]

QB Ryan Burns (Stanford) apparently our new favorite college!

QB Chad Kanoff (Princeton) [Arizona]

RB Justin Jackson (Northwestern) [drafted by San Diego]

FB Julian Allen (Southern Mississippi) [tryout with Tampa Bay as a TE]

WR Derrick Willies (Texas Tech) [Cleveland]

WR Jacob Sannon (Idaho)

WR Saeed Blacknall (Penn State) [Oakland]

WR Teo Redding (Bowling Green) [Detroit]

T Gerhard de Beer (Arizona) [Buffalo]

T Tyler Howell (Missouri)

G / C Patrick Morris (TCU) [Pittsburgh]

G / C Evan Brown (SMU) [NY Giants]

G / T Korey Cunningham (Cincinnati) [drafted by Arizona]

NT Du’Vonta Lampkin (Oklahoma) [Baltimore]

LB Jacob Pugh (Florida State) [Seattle]

LB Matthew Thomas (Florida State) character issues!?! [Pittsburgh]

CB Keion Crossen (W. Carolina) [drafted by New England]

CB Emmanuel Moseley (Tennessee) [San Francisco]

CB Andre Chachere (SD State) [Texans - signed TO deal according to PatDStat] (also Pat is back!)]

S Jon Owens (Missouri Western) [Arizona]

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5 minutes ago, Texansfan713 said:

Any undrafted wishlists for you guys?


WR Trey Quinn

OT Desmond Harrison

CB Holton Hill

QB Riley Ferguson

WR Steven Dunbar

RB Bo Scarbough

CB Kevin Tolliver

RB Josh Adams

QB Jeremiah Briscoe

WR Allen Lazard

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1 minute ago, Apollo Stallion said:

Holton Hill and Desmond Harrison are logical priority FAs from UT.  Both had drug issues that killed their draft value and I gotta think Hill has some serious red flag to drop from possible day 2 all the way out.    Tony Brown is another talented CB, that would have gone early day 3 if not for character issues.  I'm right there with Gaine on not burning picks on character concerns, but just bringing them to camp carries little risk.

Jeff Holland could be brought in as another pass rushing LB/special teamer.  Ryan Izzo and David Wells are blocking TE's I liked.  You gotta think JT Barrett would jump to get a chance as UDFA here.  Not draftable, but a redshirt year working on accuracy would be worth it with the other similarities with Deshaun.

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3 minutes ago, mse326 said:

Karl Malone's kid that he actually acknowledged unlike Demetress Bell, who was the product of Karl Sr. knocking up a 13 year old when he was at Louisiana Tech.   This was AFTER fathering twins when he was 17 (one of whom played in the WNBA).

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