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Question of the day 8/7 (Favorite Player?)

Pickle Rick

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So I think my favorite players are

VH3 (despite him being a Gator), I love hiss potential and his play style from college.  Really looking forward to see if he can bring back that this season.

Vea, I kind of defer to rookies or younger players to see what they can bring and he looks like he is gonna be enjoyable to watch.

JPP, I think you can tell I love the defensive side of the ball.   Now we have a true force to root for.

On the offensive side it's JW.  For a number of reasons he is my favorite player on offense.  He brings energy and enthusiasm to the team that pretty much no one else on the team can.  He enjoys the game like a kid would and that's refreshing to see. 


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Mike Evans!! He is so amazing on and off  the field. I will always remember when I meet him last year after the last game of the season!!

Antony Auclair, its simply unbeliveble that someone from about 30min from my home play for my favorite team!! 

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