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Preseason Week 2 Vikings at Seahwaks

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Sorry for not posting as much, I have been away on business.  My thoughts coming into the game last night - I am really looking forward to the Seahawks continuing to build off of their week one victory over the Chargers.  Earlier in the off-season when the Seahawks did not sign Colin Kaepernick there was a pretty big fraction of fans who were disappointed because the backup quarterback situation behind Russell Wilson was highly questionable.  Last week Trevone Boykin played well and I am hoping he can continue to progress throughout the preseason.

Last night it was really obvious to see that Russell Wilson is now healthy.  He suffered through nagging ankle and knee injuries last season that really limited his mobility.  Last night he looked very mobile and limber.  Kasen Williams has been extremely impressive so far in the preseason.  He's a big target and seems to have terrific hands, even in tight coverage.  On the Vikings side, I have really high exceptions for Dalvin Cook.  Really fluid runner and terrific receiver out of the backfield.

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Finally got around to watching the game...


Russell was FIYAH. Direct result of a more stout O-Line. He got abused in the pres-season last year. Thus far he has been able to plant back foot and sling. Now, whether this is short term scheming, or the Oline being competent remains to be seen.

Kasen making the team. Especially with how brittle P-Rich has been. Darboh is a ghost.

Shame about Fant, dude was making strides. LT is going to be a comedy show this year. On that same note, Ifedi..... blah. Dude gets straight up beat, often. Pocic seems more reliable. But he still made alot of mistakes. Tackle play will make or break this season. If its Rees and Ifedi on the ends.... OH BOY Russell gone be running for his life.

I like Carson, Still think Rawls is big time, and Lacy is a nice change of pace. I really want to see Procise again. What he did in the New England game was phenomenal. I really hope injuries dont make him a one-hit wonder. 

Naz Jones is a player. I wonder how many looks he'll get in the regular season. Bass also might force his way on the team. Garvin got alot hype last week, but he got consistently washed away. Manhanded inside the box on run plays. A couple of Cooks big runs came right at Garvin.

Shaq got used and abused. Baptism by fire. He better get used to it.

Blair Walsh continuing to not screw up. Hitting a few 50s on his ex-team has to boost the confidence.

Pass Rush still subpar. The first two weeks have been big fat F's on third downs. Concerning going into the regular season. Giving up late 1st half fieldgoals in back to back games in annoying as well. 

Glad to See Hill and Thompson more involved this week. Does Seattle keep 5 Safties? (Earl, Kam, McD, Hill, Thomp). 


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