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The Other Games Thread - Week 14


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Here's this week's games, and some numbers:

Which games are you most interested in?

Thursday Night

Jacksonville Jaguars (4-8) @ Tennessee Titans (6-6)

ESPN FPI Projection: TEN 63.4%

Spread: TEN -4.5

TeamRankings Projection: Tennessee 20.6-16.1 Jacksonville

NumberFire Projection: Tennessee 23.2-19.4 Jacksonville

My Projection: Tennessee (53%) 23-21 Jacksonville


Sunday 1:00 PM Eastern

New England Patriots (9-3) @ Miami Dolphins (6-6)

ESPN FPI Projection: NE 73.7%

Spread: NE -7.5

TeamRankings Projection: New England 26.4-19.0 Miami

NumberFire Projection: New England 27.5-19.7 Miami

My Projection: New England (62%) 28-22 Miami

New York Jets (3-9) @ Buffalo Bills (4-8)

ESPN FPI Projection: BUF 71.5%

Spread: BUF -3.5

TeamRankings Projection: Buffalo 20.4-17.5 New York

NumberFire Projection: Buffalo 23.1-17.1 New York

My Projection: Buffalo (51%) 19-18 New York

Carolina Panthers (6-6) @ Cleveland Browns (4-7-1)

ESPN FPI Projection: CAR 59.8%

Spread: CAR -2

TeamRankings Projection: Carolina 23.6-21.5 Cleveland

NumberFire Projection: Cleveland 24.8-23.4 Carolina

My Projection: Carolina (55%) 31-29 Cleveland

Atlanta Falcons (4-8) @ Green Bay Packers (4-7-1)

ESPN FPI Projection: GB 64.1%

Spread: GB -5.5

TeamRankings Projection: Green Bay 27.5-21.7 Atlanta

NumberFire Projection: Green Bay 28.3-21.8 Atlanta

My Projection: Green Bay (59%) 35-31 Atlanta

Baltimore Ravens (7-5) @ Kansas City Chiefs (10-2)

ESPN FPI Projection: KC 75.2%

Spread: KC -6.5

TeamRankings Projection: Kansas City 29.8-24.2 Baltimore

NumberFire Projection: Kansas City 31.5-22.9 Baltimore

My Projection: Kansas City (66%) 33-25 Baltimore

New Orleans Saints (10-2) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-8)

ESPN FPI Projection: NO 74.2%

Spread: NO -8

TeamRankings Projection: New Orleans 30.8-23.7 Tampa Bay

NumberFire Projection: New Orleans 30.1-21.7 Tampa Bay

My Projection: New Orleans (73%) 41-30 Tampa Bay

New York Giants (4-8) @ Washington Redskins (6-6)

ESPN FPI Projection: WAS 53.3%

Spread: NYG -3.5

TeamRankings Projection: New York 22.5-18.9 Washington

NumberFire Projection: New York 22.8-21.0 Washington

My Projection: New York (54%) 28-26 Washington

Indianapolis Colts (6-6) @ Houston Texans (9-3)

ESPN FPI Projection: HOU 64.0%

Spread: HOU -5

TeamRankings Projection: Houston 26.7-21.7 Indianapolis

NumberFire Projection: Houston 30.0-21.0 Indianapolis

My Projection: Houston (55%) 24-22 Indianapolis


Sunday 4:05 Eastern

Cincinnati Bengals (5-7) @ Los Angeles Chargers (9-3)

ESPN FPI Projection: LAC 90.3%

Spread: LAC -14

TeamRankings Projection: Los Angeles 30.8-16.9 Cincinnati

NumberFire Projection: Los Angeles 30.3-16.8 Cincinnati

My Projection: Los Angeles (68%) 37-28 Cincinnati

Denver Broncos (6-6) @ San Francisco 49ers (2-10)

ESPN FPI Projection: DEN 59.5%

Spread: DEN -4.5

TeamRankings Projection: Denver 25.6-22.4 San Francisco

NumberFire Projection: Denver 26.2-18.2 San Francisco

My Projection: Denver (73%) 33-23 San Francisco


Sunday 4:25 Eastern

Philadelphia Eagles (6-6) @ Dallas Cowboys (7-5)

ESPN FPI Projection: DAL 67.2%

Spread: DAL -3.5

TeamRankings Projection: Dallas 23.6-19.6 Philadelphia

NumberFire Projection: Dallas 27.5-19.3 Philadelphia

My Projection: Dallas (60%) 29-24 Philadelphia

Pittsburgh Steelers (7-4-1) @ Oakland Raiders (2-10)

ESPN FPI Projection: PIT 73.5%

Spread: PIT -10.5

TeamRankings Projection: Pittsburgh 32.2-21.3 Oakland

NumberFire Projection: Pittsburgh 27.3-20.6 Oakland

My Projection: Pittsburgh (66%) 35-28 Oakland

Detroit Lions (4-8) @ Arizona Cardinals (3-9)

ESPN FPI Projection: DET 55.9%

Spread: DET -2.5

TeamRankings Projection: Detroit 21.5-19.1 Arizona

NumberFire Projection: Detroit 23.4-20.5 Arizona

My Projection: Detroit (52%) 28-27 Arizona


Sunday Night Football

Los Angeles Rams (11-1) @ Chicago Bears (8-4)

ESPN FPI Projection: LAR 56.4%

Spread: LAR -3

TeamRankings Projection: Los Angeles 26.8-24.0 Chicago

NumberFire Projection: Los Angeles 25.7-24.6 Chicago

My Projection: Los Angeles (52%) 26-25 Chicago


Monday Night Football

Minnesota Vikings (6-5-1) @ Seattle Seahawks (7-5)

ESPN FPI Projection: SEA 65.5%

Spread: SEA -3.5

TeamRankings Projection: Seattle 23.3-20.5 Minnesota

NumberFire Projection: Seattle 27.2-20.2 Minnesota

My Projection: Seattle (55%) 24-22 Minnesota


I'm going to watch NE-MIA (obviously), the night games, and probably BAL-KC because I haven't really seen Lamar play yet live.


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Awe dang, I'm too late to make the thread, oh well. I'm interested in TNF Jacksonville at Tennessee, because the jags could play spoiler on the titans playoff aspirations. For Sunday I am gonna watch our game but check in on BAL at KC. That could be a good one. ALT at GB, battle of the 4-8's. Well GB is 4-7-1 but close enough. For late Sunday game I'm watching PHI at DAL. Dallas has a game on them and beat them earlier this year in PHI. Then SNF promises to be a good one with the Rams at the Bears. Will Mitch be back? We will see. MNF should be good too. Vikings at Seahawks. Depending on how the bears do, the vikings might get a game closer to being the division leaders. While the hawks are playing for a wild card spot.

Should be a good week of football.

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Sanders going down means Denver are pretty much out of the wild-card chase. That leaves Miami, Baltimore, Ten competing for 6th seed (barring a total collapse from LAC or the Steelers).

None of them appeals as possible opponents - Miami always play the Pats tough, Baltimore play-off games haunt my dreams and Titans already beat us up and down the field this year.

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2 hours ago, Elky said:

I literally have no interest in the league after the way we lost that game. Never felt more apathetic.


Domestic abuse scandals, CTE, horrible labor practices, rampant corruption among ownership... but it's your team losing 1 game in highly entertaining fashion that causes you to lose interest. 

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5 hours ago, Starless said:


Domestic abuse scandals, CTE, horrible labor practices, rampant corruption among ownership... but it's your team losing 1 game in highly entertaining fashion that causes you to lose interest. 

I meant for the rest of the week.

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