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Yes the Pro Bowl is a joke. Yes our team sucks, which will hurt our players chances. But I just read Hudson wasn't voted to the Pro Bowl!? He is the best freaking Center in the entire NFL. He was the best pass-pro C and didn't allow a single sack apparently.

Not going to be upset about something as dumb as this, but he was 100% deserving. 

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Should have posted this here. Derek Carr's stats thus far this season:

  • 19 TD
  • 8 INT
  • 3,864 YARDS
  • 7.4 AVG
  • 68.7 COMP %
  • 96 QBR

For reference: his comp %, avg, and yards are on pace for career highs. Carr hasn't thrown a pick in the past 10 games. All with the o-line taking a major step back, his #1 RB going down to injury early, and arguably the worst/slowest WR corp in the NFL. Gruden has Carr playing extremely well.

I admit I was calling for Carr's head early on but man oh man I hope we keep him for a long time with Gruden.

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