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Preseason vs Texans

Runaway Jim

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I will bet the rush 1st inc Dak did a bad job ready Gallup on his route it looked like Gallup pulled up at the right spot based on position of the. Safety.   2nd inc was not in Dak that was refs should have called illegal contact the defender prevented gallop getting out of his break and to the right spot the spot Dak threw it too if he throws it inside that he allows defender to make a play on the ball 3 inc was a good play by Dak prolonging the play enough to get the ball out and avoid a sack

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15 minutes ago, HDsportsfan said:

Way to many penalties on the o-line tonight.

I just hope we see those type of calls made against our opponents this year but i’m Betting not.  

Also from what I’ve seen the review of the PI call is not working in my mind  that one against them was iffy might be illegal contact but not PI based on where ball went and the way the receiver was pulling up any way. I wouldn't want that called against us.   We also had one earlier that they didn’t overturn that was clear PI

On another note  Count Kurt Warner on the list that thinks Dak is not worth 35 mil.  He also was hyper critical of Watson as well

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5 hours ago, HDsportsfan said:

Dak is just hard to pin down. Misses a wide open WR on the first drive but then then on the 2nd srive on 3rd down makes a nice play extending it and throw a nice TD to Gallup.

Every QB has errant throws. The dude is still young. Brees, Manning and even Brady all miss on throws sometimes especially early in their careers

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