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Chiefs @ Packers "The Camp Body Bowl"


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4 hours ago, Fl0nkerton said:

I hope Manny sticks on the PS.

Loved that after each play he went and picked up his RB off the turf.

Having watched his game at ASU pretty close I'd be a little disappointed if he doesn't stick. 
Didn't get very many opportunities this preseason but by all accounts he impressed in practice

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19 hours ago, Shanedorf said:

There were 2 main reasons for why the NFL wanted these "inactive players" ( Full roster vs Game Day roster)

First off, was competitive balance. By only allowing each team to suit up a subset of the full roster, it balanced out injuries
If one team had 10 guys out and the other only 2, it wasn't a level playing field in the eyes of the League. So they enacted these rules

The other reason is that the old school owners didn't want gimmick players in the game. They didn't want full rosters on game day because that allowed for 400 lb fullbacks and 7 ft tall FG blockers and Olympic Sprinters who only ran Go routes. They wanted football players, not circus acts
That's why teams have 53 on the full roster, but only 46 are active on Sunday. I  suspect those numbers increase in the next CBA

I thought it was fairness to injured players as well. If everyone on the roster is active then teams would be more likely to churn bottom of the rosters guys as  soon as they picked up minor injuries. Which would mean players playing through (or not admitting to) injuries which isn't great. Would also mean teams pressuring players to play through injuries.

With 7 inactives, teams aren't going to be too upset if a bottom of the roster guy misses a few games with an injury as they wont be a man short.

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