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2020 Prospect Follow Thread

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16 hours ago, Tetsujin said:

I'm looking at 

Wisc OC Biadasz, RB Taylor. We drafted 2 Badgers this year. Apparently Biadasz is one of the few legit R1 OC prospects recently.

Bama's Tua, Jeudy + Ruggs III, and OL Alex Leatherwood

I like both of those Badgers as well.  I need to watch more Wisconsin games this year, as I admittedly haven't watched too much.  Definitely will be catching the November 9th game where Iowa plays them.  Epenesa/Wirfs/Biadasz/Taylor/Alaric Jackson are all worth looking at.  


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I caught the Iowa/Michigan game this weekend.  Both of the Iowa OTs,  Tristan Wirfs and Alaric Jackson, were really good.  I would not hesitate to take either with the Texans pick in the 1st.  I came away pretty disappointed in A.J. Epenesa, though.  He got a sack, yes, but his pass-rushing wasn't anything to write home about.  Only 1 game of course, but he looked like a pure 3-4 DE to me.  

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23 hours ago, Tetsujin said:

I'm looking at free safeties. Did anyone hear that blurb during our last game that we play Cover 1 60% of the time. We might need a really rangy guy to really pull that off. 

I have nothing against taking a FS, as long as it's no earlier than our 7th pick.  

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Anybody watch much of Joe Burrow yet?  Dude is filling up the box scores.  I haven't had a chance to analyze him much, but with Cincy playing such terrible football, it might behoove me to start paying attention to other QBs not named Tua.  

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