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DT Mike Pennel


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According to PFF he has a 87.0 grade on run defense last season. I don't think he's going to be more than a depth player for us, but if he can help us to stuff the run occasionally that's a plus. Originally, he was undrafted in 2014 and signed with the Packers and stayed there for 3 seasons. During that time span he started in 5 games and had 1 sack. He then was released and signed by the Jets to play for 2 seasons there and started in 10 games. He then became a free agent to sign with the Patriots, where he didn't make the cut last august.

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9 hours ago, KC_Guy said:

Waiting for them to sign a QB. Guess they'll bring up Kyle Shurmur from the PS and release one of the OL.

Might be waiting to see how everyone develops injury-wise with the long week. Get Wylie or Fisher back and I'd think Senat becomes expendable. Get Watkins back, but Wylie and Fisher are still out, and DAT is probably the least impactful cut.

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That's what he is--a run stuffer. Put him next to Nnadi, who had his best game against the Vikings, Chris Jones and TY or Ogbah and the run play diesanear the LoS.

On a side note, it is gratifying to see TK come into his own a bit. Last year he was in Speaks' shadow. Speaks is hurt and so is  Clark. Ogbah and TK are holding the DL together. Both can play run but also rush the passer.


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