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Trading for a coach - is it possible in todays NFL?


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Just a random thought that I wanted to throw out there. Lets assume a failed season that ends up 8-8 (or somewhere around there). Which leads us to middle of the round draft picks.

  • Would you trade for a coach a la Gruden to the Bucs?
  • What coach would you realistically (i.e. no Belichick) trade for?
  • What would you be willing to give up?


I personally think the amount of coaches available would be extremely low. But I would inquire about:








I dont think any of those guys would actually be available. *Maybe* Payton or Reid under the right conditions. IE - Brees retires, Bridgewater leaves and Payton wants to come home (he lives in Dallas). Or Reid if they completely collapse towards the end of the year. 



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