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5 hours ago, Awsi Dooger said:

The Canes took a lot of heat this season for being the first college team in 40 years to lose 3 times in the same season when favored by -14 or more. Meanwhile, Eason nearly matched that feat with Washington. I don't know how that is ignored in terms of his projection.

Maybe because teams win and lose games, not just one guy? 

Or because it's only 3 games, not an entire season, never mind a collegiate career?

Need I go on?


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16 hours ago, animaltested said:

As a UW Fan, I'm going to defend Eason a bit (Well just once, and ultimately AGREE WITH YOU), as context matters. The Cal game was played after a 4 hour delay. Those guys were playing in windy, cold, wet conditions at 1am. The other games, no excuse. Easons struggles came when protection was shaky. Stanford absolutely dominated the trenches. Eason spent most of the last three quarters throwing the ball away, or hitting bubble screens on 3rd and 12. Colorado was just an absolute turd. Probably helped send Peterson into retirement. But the question is, why didn't Eason elevate UW?

The Cal game was one of the films I watched on him. The WRs dropped so many passes that game TBH. Aaron Fuller looked like straight garbage in that one.

Also... Oregon was the other game I watched of Eason's, so if he played relatively as well as you say he did. I probably haven't seen him make too many mistakes compared to some of you guys.

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