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2020 Draft: Day One


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3 minutes ago, .Buzz said:

Henderson is one of the few players in the draft who have elite man to man skills.

Jefferson, Mims, Reagor, Pittman, etc. are all going to be around at 20 and 42.

All those wrs arent number 1s.  Let chark be a number 2 and offense thrives.

We dont need man corners when we are primarily a zone defense. 

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1 minute ago, JaguarCrazy2832 said:

I dont hate it, like I said. I wanted to trade down because there were like 15-16 guys I would've been fine with. He was one of them. Obviously with no Ramsey and Bouye we needed it. Hopefully the WR run doesnt start for a while 

Sure...we needed a starting CB, or probably two.  But they put themselves in this stupid "need" situation in the first place...and then reached on it.

Didn't have to make it such a dire need by getting rid of Bouye immediately.  Didn't have to blow up the relationship with our legitimately elite CB in Jalen.  But they did those things anyway.  And now we're chasing our own tails, spending the 9th overall pick to downgrade overall because they're pulling their typical reactionary garbage and panic drafting to fill a hole they made.

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