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Mike Tomlin's honestly a dumb coach.


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We only had 18 rushing attempts for the entire game.  We're in a position where we better start burning the clock but that doesn't register with him.   Terrible clock management.  

Then, we're at 4th and 1 at the 20, and he goes for it instead of taking a 50/50 chance with Boswell.  

Actually hands Dallas a legitimate chance to win the game.  

If he would have kicked the field goal, the most Dallas could have done was to tie the game. 

I mean, compare Belichick's or Mike Vrabel's 4th quarter coaching with Tomlin's.  

He's the real reason why we could have easily lost to Dallas.   Forget the defense.  The defense didn't play their best game, but Tomlin's handling of the offense was disgraceful.  

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What a trash post.

And going for it on 4th down was the right call, but they've should've just given the ball to Ben and let them spread the field out. The Cowboys nor the Ravens had an answer for it. I'd much rather take my odds with Ben making a play than Conner against a stacked box trying to get to the edge. 

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I didn't understand why he didn't yell at the refs about crawford leaping over the centre, then kick the FG. I there is a penalty, then the refs don't get yelled at, sounds fair .  Kick the  FG, the game is over. Of course, it shouldn't have been close for all this to matter, but the trademark of this regime is to play down to the competition. 13 years and running, play down and lose many like this.  The only ones left from over the years are ben and tomlin, everyone else is gone

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