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Football Team Week

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55 minutes ago, Johnny Nix said:

Why is Spain still on the practice squad but a guy like Sutherland is still on the active roster?

Is that accurate?  I was just assuming the Bengals.com website was wrong.


56 minutes ago, Johnny Nix said:

Hope we see a bounce back performance vs a similar talent level team. 

the question is? Who starts at RT?

Is jonah going to play?  If so, Adeniji.  If not, i guess Spain?

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1 hour ago, Johnny Nix said:

Thank God

I think Jordan will be good eventually, but has he realistically earned the right to keep that spot this year?


Congratulations RB, you made a kick, good for you.


Why are they showing Chik Fil A commercials during Sunday football?  You literally can't get it right now.

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