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Week 14 GDT - Washington Football Team at San Francisco 49ers


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11 minutes ago, N4L said:

Well it's not about what I want, it's about what will happen. Losing to Dallas would give them a win as well so it would definitely be better for the long run, but Dallas fans are thinking the same thing on the other side 

I am not worried about us playing hard or Kyle doing whatever he can to win. 

We have a huge coaching advantage on both sides of the ball. I mean, it's Mike Nolan at DC there lol 

We are going to run if down their throats. Their rush defense is bad. I just think we are going to rush for 250 and our defense will be ok against them even without Warner imo 

We are just a better team overall than them both from a talent standpoint and from a coaching standpoint

Turnovers are obviously a big problem, but Kyle isn't playing around with it anymore and I expect Mullens to look better against a bad defense who doesn't have a good pass rush 

Mullens won't be the QB and while the Cowboys run defense is bad, our offense right now is equally as bad. Do not be too certain our run game dominates like they did earlier in the season against say like against the Pats. 

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