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Your Kubler-Ross journey of the Bill O'Brien era?


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So, I thought of something we could have fun with... I think everyone has heard of the Kubler-Ross scale for grief (in some capacity). Maybe the name is new, but you guys know what it is - Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance. Pretty much everyone experiences it in some capacity. (And if you haven't/don't, odds are you're a sociopath, capable of some scary murder-y stuff).

I think we have a chance for some good group therapy as we close the door on this dark chapter. What does your Kubler-Ross journey look like?

Here's mine:

Denial: From 2014 to 2018. Early on, I was a Bill O'Brien supporter; The Texans bounced back from 2-14 to a respectable 9-7, then won a few division titles behind O'Brien. Winning with guys like Brian Hoyer? Oh, just imagine once Deshaun Watson gets here! Lookit JJ Watt! Or Hopkins! That's some mighty fine coaching! That is, until...

Anger: The 2018 playoff loss to Indianapolis. Oh... holy moly. Deshaun Watson was healthy. Watt was healthy and playing up to his old standards. DeAndre Hopkins was a beast. Jadevion Clowney was playing pretty well, Zach Cunningham was an upgrade over Cush, Honey Badger and Justin Reid were your best S since... well, ever! And you got walked like you were on a leash, in your own house. It was embarrassing, just a poor showing... But when you watched it, you realized that was EVERY game in the Bill O'Brien era. With this much talent, this shouldn't be the case. Oh, this made me angry, until...

Bargaining: Week 5 of 2020, after BoB was fired. OK... if you fire him I'll stop being such a negative Nancy. I'll get behind Romeo Crennell! I'll support Tim Kelly! Anthony Weaver's unit is about to turn a corner, I can feel it! I'll forget that Jack Easterby is still with the organization, I'll ignore the New England ties, I'll forget that David Johnson is getting 2.7 ypc while DeAndre Hopkins is setting career highs across the board! Watson is playing at a high level, so see! See!? It's not so bad! Will Fuller is absolutely capable of replacing Hopkins, once he played a full 16! Yeah... Will Fuller V!

Depression: The Will Fuller suspension. Like... what? After a breakout on a National Holiday, you hit me with THIS? I mean... I can't. I just can't. This was so depressing, I didn't even care that Bradley Roby was suspended, it didn't matter. The loss to the Colts on the fumble (the first one, not the second one) was just icing on the cake. Chad Hansen, OK. Keke Coutee, all right. Ok, depressed. Until the final ray of light reminded me of tomorrow...

Acceptance: The SI article on Jack Easterby. This was the hard truth. A light has been shown, and the roach better scatter. For once, I felt at peace with everything. Watson was a transcendent talent, but this is a bad team - due to FO personnel. A good cleansing is necessary, and it seems as if our next GM and HC will have to see to that. This era was dark and embarrassing - but I know it's two weeks away from ending. And I'm good with that.

So... That's my Kubler-Ross road. What's yours?

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Long story short, I lost faith when he decided Brian Hoyer was a starting QB.  I was riding with him year 1, and when he gave Ryan Mallett a chance since I was high on Mallett at the time, but other than that I hated O'Brien.


O'Brien wasn't even the top choice for me at the time when he got hired.  Granted Lovie and Whisenhunt would have been bad choices as well, I would have preferred to see how we would have done with those 2.  

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Denial: We made the playoff with Brian Hoyer! We're legit!

Anger: Houston VS KC 0-30

Bargaining: 2016-2018 "All we need is a quarterback!"

Anger: going 0-3 at the start of 2018. Team is not ready to play, very angry after losing to the Giants. Faith in BOB is ruined, no belief that he can get us deep into the playoffs

Depression: Trading Hopkins. A player I loved is now playing for another team. This team was already a pain to watch, now the whole f**** league is laughing at us. This could also be Anger Pt2 (Hate)

Acceptance: Probably not here yet, will get here after whoever we hire for GM/HC eventually disappoints me


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Dude, BOB re-ignited my passion for the Houston of the NFC, my hometown Cardinals. So I will always be grateful for that. That said... My strike from the team is probably over. I'm still probably going to be in the Cardinals forum more because I feel bad. I'm like the highest-volume poster over there over the last TWO years and I was a Texans forum native last year. 

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On 12/21/2020 at 11:56 AM, ET80 said:

What does your Kubler-Ross journey look like?


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