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WC Win Player of the game?

Player of the Game  

9 members have voted

  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Josh Allen
    • Stefon Diggs
    • Cole Beasley
    • Daryl Williams
    • Micah Hyde
    • Tyler Bass
    • Other

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Who do you guys have?

Weekly Winners:
Week 1: QB Josh Allen
Week 2: QB Josh Allen
Week 3: QB Josh Allen
Week 4: WR Stefon Diggs 
Week 5: WR Stefon Diggs
Week 6: WR Cole Beasley
Week 7:  DE Jerry Hughes
Week 8: RB Zack Moss
Week9: QB Josh Allen
Week10: K Tyler Bass
Week 12: LB AJ Klein/ CB Tre White

Week 13: QB Josh Allen
Week 14: WR Stefon Diggs
Week 15: QB Josh Allen
Week 16: WR Stefon Diggs
Week 17: WR Isaiah McKenzie 

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13 minutes ago, Maxmw22 said:

Gotta give an HM to Gabriel Davis, those sideline catches at the end if the first half were big.

It’s actually supposed to be him in the poll and not Beasley lol. My bad on that one.

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10 minutes ago, Kmart128 said:

Its Josh Allen... and after this performance I think its time to make an avy switch... we have a superstar officially 

Looks awesome man!

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I think you have to go Allen, there was some great playing from the wr in Diggs Beasley and Davis. Daryl Williams has quietly made himself a season and I would definitely want him to resign. I will also continue to eat crow on Bass he has proven to make the clutch fgs. Hopefully him and Bojo continue to be the special teams players we needed. I am down on the running game, the rush defense, and John Brown. Stinks to see Moss go down but I want to see Antonio step up and play behind singletary this week as he impressed against the Dolphins in week 17.

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