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Time to find out more about the other 52 players


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With Rodgers going down, it is time to find out what GB has in the remaining 52 players.  Obviously health is going to play a big factor into the success of the team the rest of 2017, and certainly next week vs NO.  

There has been a lot of talk about the 2017 GB defense being a possible top 10 unit (if healthy).  The offensive skill position is still healthy (relatively) and intact, and may have found another RB in Aaron Jones.

The key to the NO game is the coaching staff on both sides being able to patch things together enough to keep things close.  Can the defense find enough to slow down NO and maybe create a short field for the offense...hell....even score to help the cause.    That comes down to Capers having a plan to get some of the inexperienced players up to speed quickly and for the top players on D (Daniels, CM3, HaHa, Clark, Perry, etc) to show that they can win a game without #12.  

MM on offense needs to find what Hundley does best, put him in the best situations to succeed and utilize the multiple skill players that GB has.  The game needs to get short and some long drives to neutralize the NO offense.  

Hopefully, the bye week will allow the OL to get back to close to full strength and the offense can find some success behind that group providing time for Hundley to get the ball into the hands of the playmakers via the run or the pass. 

The schedule works out just about as good as one can hope with 3 of 4 at home, the lone road game against a rookie QB

week 7 -- NO

week 8 -- bye

week 9 -- Detroit

week 10 -- @ Chicago

week 11 -- Baltimore

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Assuming the OL can return to some semblance of health, this is an opportunity for MM to show his mettle as an offensive mind/QB whisperer.

The WRs are healthy. So are the TEs. Ty may not be healthy, but Jones looks like the better RB anyway.

MM has had Hundley for 2.5 years and should know his strengths & weaknesses.

On the defensive side, King and hopefully House should not be out long and the front 7 is relatively healthy.

Wonder if Dom calls a different game knowing ARod is no longer the QB?

I think we will learn a great deal about (1) MM, (2) Dom and the defense, and (3) the talent on the team sans Rodgers over the next 10 weeks.

The schedule does not currently look that daunting with the opponents holding a collective 28-30 record. 

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it comes down to health at the remaining key positions. This roster absolutely can win a few games without AR the rest of the way if we stay mostly healthy. It's still a well-constructed roster and I feel like Hundley (if he limits turnovers) can be effective enough to beat some weaker squads.

At this point, a successful season would be a win on wild card weekend IMO.

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That is my thought as well.  MM often speaks of adversity and how you respond to it as being a big influence on success.  Nothing the adversity of losing #12 for the bulk of the season.  

Parallels to 2013, but the benefit of 2017 is that Hundley has been groomed for this type of situation.  


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Just now, packerrfan74 said:

I am actually very ecstatic to see what we have at 11 and 12 on the OL. 

We're pretty much stacked once that developmental league starts and every team has a developmental league team made up of fourth and fifth string players, so it's nice to have our franchise left tackle, guard, and right tackle before the league even starts.  I expect us to build from that offensive line and win at least six DNFL Super Bowls, which will take place in May right before the draft to kick off the NFL offseason, which will come before free agency now. 

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