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QBs in the 2022 Draft


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23 hours ago, JustPlainNasty said:

You could have Mariota for next to nothing. Rudolph and Haskins are dead stories, drains on morale. Mariota has the mobility they want and need, and doesnt turn the ball over. In the meantime, you mold your offense around mobility and ball control and potentially develop an electric player like Malik Cunningham. 

I do agree though that Id also be patient, there are no sure things in this class. There is potential, more than I felt early in the year. Also though, promise doesnt always develop as youd figure, for example Spencer Rattler and many examples in years past of underclassmen promise that didnt develop as expected. 

I think the other thing this team needs to find is a good leader. Im not taking a shot at Ben, but there were numerous times over the years where you knew things could've been handled and or stated better. I feel it could help reel in some of the lack of discipline on this team. 

JPN Keenum got 3/18 mill last offseason IIRC...and Mariota isn’t going to take the Steelers to the promised land either...even though Jebrick is probsbly right and they’ll bring in some vet regardless.

The only way a vet QB could possibly work is if they go all out in FA and add multiple starters to the OL, depth at the skill positions on offense and the defense comes back injury free and multiple people in the back 7 take huge steps forward.

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