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LP's and DF's: Dallas at Foreskins


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LP:  Zeke.  That was a workhorse back effort.  Cooper looked solid.

DF:  Penalties.  Players and coaching staff.  I hear the argument that a division game is always tough, but come on Washington is pretty beat up.  Overall this was a  lazy effort against a battered opponent.  This one should have been over a lot earlier.

Enjoy because the schedule gets tougher.  Dare I say we may play clubs that have winning records?

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LPs: Zeke Elliott, run blocking(shout out to the interior Cooper/Fredbeard/Martin. ) David Irving, DLaw, Richard Ash, Tyrone Crawford, Jalyon Smith, Orlando Scandrick, Byron Jones, Jourdan Lewis, and Sean Lee for his work on Thompson. Linehan for mainly running the ball. The rain gets an LP because it played in our favor. Special teams including Nugent for missing then adjusting.


DFs: Switzer for always showing up for the wrong reasons. Pass blocking (shout out to the outside guys Tyron Smith and La'el Collins.) Anthony Brown gets one and Dez for once again making a spectacle on the sideline.

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Zeke - Monster game after the opening fumble.

Nugent - Solid kicking performance all around.

L.P. - Another game, another set of perfect long snaps. The man is a legend.

Irving - He was a monster today. 2 sacks and multiple QB pressures.

Kirk Cousins - Mainly for attempting to throw three INTs, though only successfully completing one for a TAINT.


Doug Frees

Switzer - Terrible special teams play tonight. He was out of position, and literally played like he was afraid of turning the ball over.

O-line Penalties - WAY too many. Sure, the one againy Tyron Smith which negated what would have been Zeke’s third TD was not a penalty, the rest of them were.

Jason Witten - His holding penalty was brutal. It wiped out what was looking to be a TD drive.

Zeke - His opening fumble cost us 3 points. In a division game where we’re on the road with an identical record as our opponent who is also dealing with multiple injuries (read: cornered, wounded animal), points usually are at a premium, and fumbles like that are often what loses games.

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GB’s: Zeke was a Beast tonight. That’s what you have to do on sloppy days like today. Just pound the ball


Nugent coming off the street and pulling his weight was good to see. 


DF’s: Refs PI on Brown at the end zone, was a BS call. More pulling from WR than that of the DB


Tyrone Smith I know your hurting bud, but 3 holding calls against you sucks and took points off the board. 


Dez for being a crybaby on the sidelines complaining about balls his way, raising 2 fingers up. Grow up man!

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