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BDL Discussion Thread 2022


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Just now, WFLukic said:

Tbf only the first one was a really bad decision. 2nd one was on Beasley for quitting on the route and the 3rd was a great play by the defender who tipped it at the line.

Buffalo really need to get more consistency out of the run game. You can't have your QB drop back and throw that many times in snow & windstorms.

Defending picks... this is what we’ve come to 

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1 minute ago, Scoundrel said:

Hey how did I post something from twitter successfully finally!? 

Good job. Mike Tomlin deserves retro active COTY awards for keeping this clown under wraps for years. I remember a couple years before AB became a public nuisance that Ryan Clark was on ESPN telling everyone they had no idea what kind of a maniac this guy is.

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