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OC Alex Mack Officially Retires


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3 hours ago, Chrissooner49er said:

They probably knew all along which way he was leaning. 

I agree as well. I think that’s why they gave such a large contract to West as a UDFA. Not saying he’s starting, but he’s a definite camp body and possible player for position. Lynch spoke with Herm more than likely about him as well. 

Still disappointed that we didn’t take anyone higher, but can’t do anything about it now. Still think Brunskill starts at Center and Moore takes over at RG. Unless someone else shines and takes over the C position, but I know Kyle likes someone to be in the role for a bit. We have too many young guys for the possibility of starting at C - Brunskill, Brendel and then u have the rookies - West, Zakhelj 

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5 hours ago, 757-NINER said:

Disagree. His footwork is good and he can get to the second level on those reach blocks. But that's it. He can't anchor against quality pass-rushing DTs and he's a liability in short yardage situations. At RG he could position himself with certain different angle blocks. But center is different. Especially when you facing a zero lined up right over him or he's going against a agressive alignment like a bear front. He'll get mauled, no pun intended. He's a smart player but being cerebral only gets you so far. Physically you have to be able to hold up.

At G power is way more important than C. And being smart is way more important at C so. He isn't weaker than guys like Richburg or Goodwin. And yeah no matter what he will always be weak against stacked line-ups no matter if he starts at C or at G and thats why in an ideal world he is your 6th. Besides that with the way we scheme out run game we have all interior guys pulling and doing reach blocks depending on the play and what the opponent does. 

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If one of the main concerns about the starting C is making the protection calls, maybe that job will be a bit more spread over for this year. I could see Juice helping out a whole lot making the adjustments for a while, just to lighten the load on Trey. Just get the best player in there, even if he's not the most knowledgeable of the offense right away.

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