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Raiders hire Sandra Douglass Morgan as team President


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Not going to act like I know a GD thing about her.  From the press conference though, she seems like a smart, will spoken business woman who knows the ins and outs of Vegas already.  Which cannot be a bad thing.  Vegas isn't like most municipalities.  Big, big big money is involved.  She seemed well connected both in a business sense and with the community.  Dare I say, shades of Amy Trask when she spoke.  Welcome to the nation Sandra.  Let's turn this franchise around.  👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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I was really hoping Davis would have chosen someone with experience running a football (or hell, any sport) organization. Not sure why he's sticking to local hires. She sounds full of potential, and locally connected. But she has no experience running a billion dollar companies sales divisions, marketing, finance, business or operations. She comes from a regulatory background and she's jumping into a for-profit corporation. I just don't like it, sounds like a whole lot of risk after you're coming out of the fire. 


Edit: I would have loved if he had hired Amy Trask on the other hand. She did amazing things in sports. But I'm very much a "get someone who's proven to do this at a high level" person

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