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GDT: Pre-Season Week 2- Minnesota Vikings


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Just now, GW21 said:

He’s hurt. Knee issue.


Just now, Forge said:

Hurt, I'm pretty sure 

Thanks, did not know that.

Crawley is getting a whole a lot of playing time. 

Marcus Johnson gets down there so fast. Surprise to make the team due to his STs capabilities? 

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Just now, J-ALL-DAY said:

I don't know if that was on Moore....#47 did not get any depth at all there but Moore may have needed to be back there himself. I don't know...

Hard to say without knowing what the actual playcall was, but I can't imagine the strategy was to have Gemmel dropping back deeper 

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3 minutes ago, Forge said:

Lombardi said earlier that Turner was making the team, which I assume is basically that same role. 

I could see that.

1 minute ago, Forge said:

Mason looks faster hitting those edges than TDP and Sermon do. Could just be the level of competition though. 

Mason is good...I'm not really sure what role Sermon has on this team. 

L-O-L at Rich saying Sermon and TDP are better than Mitchell and will have more rushing yards than him 😂.

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