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Week 6: Panthers


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We are so bad. If we didn't win it all last year, some of the moves we made would look really bad right about now. 

Will be interesting to see what kind of moves we make in the next few weeks, but this could be the start of a dark age. A lot of the players we have are leaving their prime and if AD retires, it's going to be really tough to stay competitive in the West. 

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2 minutes ago, LeotheLion said:

The stretch runs just don't work with this OL and slow RBs. 

Stafford needs to go win this game. 

It amazes me that with how smart Mcvay is, he is completely lost with how to deal with a weak OL. No moving of the pocket. No quick passes. No RB screens (he tried one today but Hendo got caught up so we'll never see that again).

We need to play like SF does against us. They know AD will create pressure quickly, so they get the ball out of Jimmy's hands as soon as possible. We should do that. 

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6 minutes ago, MDY10 said:

Rough start to the day but they ended looking sharp in all phases. 3 points allowed. I was talking $hit about the defense earlier but thy balled. Just have some frustrating tendencies lol 

Defense did their job against a weak oiffense.

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