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Week 7 GDT Texans @ Raiders


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1 minute ago, Steins Gate said:

@ET80 I told you that the Raiders DC would make the Texans offense look decent. Just didn't anticipate the pick 6.

Likewise, told you Josh Jacobs would get 100+ and multiple scores - the run defense was really, REALLY bad today.

It was a good game, all things considered. It was a close game, then Jacobs sort of put it away with big run after big run.

Good luck the rest of the way!

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Kirksey is unplayable. Mills is legit, it's just the worst WR corps in the NFL by a mile, Cooks is like a WR4 nowadays, no second RB, Akins is looking like our second best weapon with Collins out (behind Pierce). We need like two WRs (hopefully Metchie can be one of them, and then we need to draft one pretty high I think, possibly twice) and another serious RB, and I think we're looking at a much better team. We can't roll Kirksey out ever again, we should just cut him or try to trade him or something. Let Harris figure it out during this dumpster fire of a season, and Pitre and Stingley. Just get some guys in there with upside bc it really seems like we're going to need MANY new players on defense. Honestly, if you told me next year would be this same secondary, I wouldn't be particularly mad at that, but Harris is pretty much the only LB I'd like to see back, and that's only if he eventually gets the hang of it. Harris was not particularly good today in my opinion, but his speed was flashing out there. 

So.. we need:

LB,LB, probably DL 3 times, WR, WR, RB in my opinion. 

This is going to be a long season, but I'm actually pretty confident that Mills will be the starter in 2023. Literally, no QB could probably move the ball with these weapons, and he somehow seems to keep getting better and better despite them. Collins, I believe, is the truth. He's WR1. Metchie could be a real good WR2. He had neither of those guys at the end and everyone else is like barely rosterable. Where the **** is Tyler Johnson at btw? Can we please just get this man some targets? ****. Like, when we got Demairyus Thomas we targeted him like 3 times on the opening drive like 5 days later. Get Tyler Johnson in there, he could save us a lot of trouble next offseason if he's good. 

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