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The Other Games Thread Week 11


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Sorry guys been busy this week hence the late thread. I got a kitty. This week we had the Titans vs Packers as our Thursday game. A-aron and the Pack lost 27 to 17.

Sunday Early: Eagles vs Colts, Jets vs Patriots, Browns vs Bills, Lions vs Giants, Bears vs Falcons, Rams vs Saints, Commanders vs Texans, Panthers vs Ravens
Sunday Late: Cowboys vs Vikings, Bengals vs Steelers, Raiders vs Broncos
Sunday Night: Chiefs vs Chargers
Monday Night: 49ers vs Cardinals in Mexico.

Are there any games that you are interested in watching? For me I watched Thursdays game, you messed up A-Aron. Our game. Browns vs Bills might be good. Cowboys vs Vikings looks like a good match up. Chiefs vs Chargers should be good. As a struggle game, Raiders vs Broncos.

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4 hours ago, Iron_man said:

Eagles vs Colts,

Jeff Saturday to shut Cower up!!!  Coaching need experience my butt.  We have seen horrible coaches that have years of experience that stink and some get signed over and over.  Football is not brain surgery.  He act's like  J Saturday never seen a football field!!!!! Idiot.

4 hours ago, Iron_man said:

Raiders vs Broncos

Just to see the (fans and media) nuclear meltdown. One team will get the final nail in the coffin if they lose.  It will not be pretty.


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