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The STL Cardinals Thread - Is It The Offseason Yet?


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22 hours ago, MOSteelers56 said:

We’ve got to get something figured out about the pitching.

The pitching isnt as bad as most fans want to complain about it to be. Yes Hicks is a mess, and Woodford/Mikolas/Matz started rocky, But the Team ERA is right in the middle of the pack, the problem is we have given up the most hits in all of baseball, which ends up with the 2nd highest OBPA (.282) which makes it feel like we are always in trouble. That is likely to fall back toward the mean, and result in better pitching because of it.

The thing I worry about, is this emphasis on trying to get more Strikeouts. Those arent the guys we have, and we built one of the best defenses in baseball (it should be) so let these guys pitch to contact like they have most of their careers. It feels like they go K hunting, end up giving up some more soft hits than Ive ever seen to start a season, and then revert back to contact pitching, to get out of jams.

Just for reference, the last time through the rotation, from the starters we have gotten 29 innings (just under 6 innings per start) with a 2.17 ERA (7ER) 2.3 K/BB ratio and 27 Hits (1.31 WHIP). The Starters are getting there, the Bullpen has been the issue

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On 4/16/2023 at 10:45 AM, MOSteelers56 said:

He’s been pretty bad for quite awhile. We’ve got to get something figured out about the pitching.

They just have to cut bait on him, whether they try and deal him for a lottery ticket, or just DFA him. He's been a 30% below average player the last few years. You can't put him in low leverage spots and you definetely can't put him in high leverage spots. He has no confidence at all and no idea where his FB is going when he throws it. Add that on top of the fact that you have a guy throwing 104 MPH, but has zero swing/miss to his game.

 Problem is, he's not going to accept an outright assignment to AAA becuse if he gets sent down and is there more than 20 day, the cardinals would gain an extra year of team control (since he had 5 years service time on opening day).

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I'm baffled by Dylan Carlson. I know he's had limited sample size this season (23 AB's), but he's looked horrible against RHP. The problem is that this isn't a new issue, it dates back to almost all last year. He really struggles against RHP. He showed signs of encouragement in ST, but it's disappeared already...

I never thought he'd be a platoon hitter and defensive replacement at the start of last year, but that's what he is right now. 


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well, I am 2-1 now.  Probably because they played some dude who has half-assed Clay Matthews hair instead of Nolan Aranado.  And they didn't pitch Gallegos, so no Indio Enamorado for me.  But at least we also didn't play Brendan Donovan so I didn't have to hear his lame walk-up music before he grounded out, so I will count it as half a win.

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