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Seattle Mariners Thread


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3 hours ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Every single offseason addition is in the negative WAR and sub .700 OPS save for Raley. Wonderful.

Still early, but back-back off-season's like this. 


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Posted (edited)
8 minutes ago, Eagles27 said:

Also saw Divish saying we will trade Ford this season. 

Definitely not in favor given the make up of this team. 

Yeah, I'd rather just hold off and let the young guys graduate. Just feels like such a rough situation. We could be running away with this division if guys were just performing even close to expectations. Literally everyone save for Castillo, Gilbert, Miller, Woo, Cal and Rojas have been so far below average its embarrassing.

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1 hour ago, Mesa_Titan said:

Fire the hitting coach and all of the sudden we can hit... Probably just an Angels thing, though. Their pitching is horrid.

You forgot to add offense, defense, base running, fundamentals, management, player development, and ownership to that last sentence. 

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Really hope we try to add something here by the deadline. Really just cannot afford to roll with this offense. Haniger needs to be gone and upgraded at the very minimum. Garver being a completely useless pile is really unfortunate. Hopefully he can turn it around...

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