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So, I had no idea Green even had a scope. A guy his size having knee issues is a concern, but it explains his drop off after the first month of last season - I figured it was his conditioning, but maybe it’s a combo of things.

Green is a key component to the future of this offense - he has to improve significantly to keep our offense on the field and keep CJ Stroud healthy back in pocket. If he still shows signs of delay in progressing, he’s a bad bust this team couldn’t afford.

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2 hours ago, jch1911 said:

You are entitled to your opinion.

PFF says he was pretty good in 2021 (take with a grain of salt).

He was hurt 5 games into 2022.

 Advanced stats say he was about the same player when he left Seattle.


Yeah, I’m going to say injuries really derailed his 2022 season - you have to see if he’s healthy before you can really evaluate him.

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11 hours ago, lumberjackchris said:


Bobby Brown Dancing GIF

Just leave the cocaine at home, Bobby.

THIS is the role Jack Easterby was brought in to do - administration - but then Jacky boy got out over his skis and tanked the entire organization. 


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