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What are some ‘rules’ that you like to draft by


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4 minutes ago, iknowcool said:

I mean... it is entirely possible he gets hurt this year, but he has played 4 16/17 game seasons in 6 years in the NFL.  So saying he suffers an injury annually is a stretch.  

Yeah but those healthy years were primarily early in his career, before the injury bug hit him. Then he hit a stretch where he couldnt stay on the field for a few years. I just dont think people get magically healthier as they become older with more wear and have already sustained multiple season killing injuries prior. Its almost like you have to look what hes done since the injuries started, so in that case he has only played in all 16 games 1 time in the past 3 years. 

He might be fine this year who knows, but there is inherent risk built in with him that some other guys at the top of the RB list dont have.

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On 8/12/2023 at 2:58 PM, Rainmaker90 said:

When I mean rules, I mean like strategically .


for me 


1. I try to reduce risk in rounds 1-2 if I can. Everyone is getting great players early. If your top picks  go down or for some reason don’t have a great year, you’re in trouble. 

2. After that I shoot for high ceilings ESPECIALLY later. I want week winners. Guys whose ceiling games can win weeks. 

I also don’t expect my bench to remain the same. I’m going to bet on the Sky Moore, Rashad Penny, Zay Flowers , Elijah Moore etc. because if they don’t hit, you can move on. If one of them

hit and your early picks hit, you’re in great position.


3. I don’t care about a balanced roster. I will load up on a position group if the value is there. I don’t care if I’m weak at a position. S*** happens during the season, if you’re active on waivers you can find serviceable pr better players. My main focus is hitting on my picks. 


4. I get my guys even if it means over drafting them . There are times in the draft where I see a tier of players that I just don’t like ( Deebo, DK, Ridley, DJ Moore, Cooper ) im not going to take these guys where they’re slotted, even if I need a WR. I’ll look for value elsewhere, or I’ll get my guys early (Watson, D Johnson, Jeudy, Hopkins) 


what kinda ‘rules’ do you draft by ?

I like your rules, but you really don't like Ridley? I think he's undervalued and has a big year.

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3 hours ago, SmittyBacall said:

I like your rules, but you really don't like Ridley? I think he's undervalued and has a big year.

I got talked out of him. 28, hasn’t played in two years, only one year of elite fantasy play. Still a lot of mouths to feed.


I can get with it in round 5 but he won’t be there 

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On 8/16/2023 at 1:16 PM, SmittyBacall said:

I like your rules, but you really don't like Ridley? I think he's undervalued and has a big year.

I bought Ridley for cheaper in dynasty leagues last year but I am selling in re-draft now at his price.  So many question marks and so often people who have been gone so long don't jump right back into it.  I think he will be good but I wouldn't be shocked to see Kirk out-produce him and you can get Kirk a couple rounds later.  I dont think the disparity between them will be all that much.  

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It seems obvious but being aware of what peoples ADP is to me is critical especially since most people i feel wont deviate too terribly far from it. 
i had a rough plan of taking Pollard R2 and Olave R3 when their ADPs were 21 and 36 but now they are 14 and 24 which means there’s no chance that happens

Obviously rigid plans are ill-advised but having a realistic best case scenario also isnt a bad idea too

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I play a lot of Superflex so this primarily pertains to that style.

#1 rule is to be flexible and take value even if it violates any of these other outlined principles. With that being said, I like to:


-Draft my 2 QBs within the first 4 rounds and prioritize a 3rd fairly early.  

-I try really hard to get QBs with rushing upside as I usually play 4pts per passing TD.

-first two rounds I want as little risk as possible (so 2 QBs are often the way to go).

-In Superflex, I pay attention to bye weeks at the QB position only. I noticed that QBs in this format get  traded for a lot less and there’s nobody to stream at the position. I can’t afford to take a loss because I started a bench WR/RB at a qb position.

-avoid players early draft with injury concerns or those that miss camp (so avoiding Kupp, JT, Jacobs etc.) I especially detest drafting anyone with soft tissue injuries.

-pay attention to important offensive line injuries as well, they matter. For example, I would have drastically down-graded Tua if Armstead’s knee ended up a serious injury and put all of the rbs on the DND (though I wouldn’t have downgraded Hill).

-I tend to devalue players that have switched teams or have had major changes to offensive philosophies

-I know that I have a negative bias against rookies… I’m working on it. 

-my biggest and longest running money league is a 0.5 PPR (Superflex) that starts 2 RB and 2WR along with a flex. So after ensuring I get my QBs, I give slight deference to rbs if I have similarly ranked tiered players but make sure I can start a wr in my flex. 

-I love drafting the 1B in committees for my bench.  Reasoning is that I get a flex option at worst and a league winner if that dude gets promoted I.e. Pollard and Hunt in years past.  

-in 10 team leagues I like to draft TEs earlier for the positional advantage. In bigger leagues I tend to wait.  Though this year I’m bucking that trend as I’m going to hyper-focus on getting Waller

- I love stacking QBs/pass catchers, HATE stacking QBs/RBs or RB/pass catchers

-I stream defenses, so I’m usually the one if the last to pick as I really only care about week 1. Examples of who I will take this year:

Denver (LV)

Jags (Indy)

Seattle (LAR)

-at K I don’t really care. Some sort of high scoring team or one with a dome. 

-also in leagues in which I get to choose my draft position, I ALWAYS take spots #2 or #11 (12 team).  My rationale is that bracketing the guy at the turn provides the only true advantage in the draft as you can often predict who they’re targeting based on positional needs and personally prioritize that position at the earlier of your two picks.

-when drafting early in the off-season, I skip drafting a defense and K altogether and get someone who’s value would dramatically increase due to unforeseen circumstances. Drop them them before the 1st game and stream from then on.


BONUS  NON-fantasy tip:

for sports betting, I love to bet the UNDER on season long player stats. There’s many more ways for a player to NOT hit their statistical targets…  





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Unless it’s Kelce…wait as long as possible to get a TE. In non-SF…wait as long as possible for a QB unless isn’t Mahomes/Allen. 

Get guys who can be a league winner at RB. Just about every season there is a RB that is on an overwhelming amount of fantasy league winners…and it’s usually a guy everyone suspects will be good. This is the hero RB idea. I like getting at least one of those types of RB…and otherwise only get cheap but relatively high upside guys. I’m more likely to spend on a WR than a RB, unless it’s a league winner type RB…especially in dynasty 

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