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Preseason Week #3 GDT: Raiders @ Cowboys (SAT 08/26 6:00 PM MDT)


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41 minutes ago, bucksavage1 said:

They are but their depth chart spots are open

You making it sound complicate

JJ and Zamir are power backs. Abdullah is our pass catching back Johnson is the fullback. There is only one or two spots open for the rest of the group depending on how many they plan to carry.

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7 hours ago, bucksavage1 said:

Wilson is gonna help the team this year. He’s rusty but the ability and freakish physical tools are there

Agree. You can see how strong he is. There were one or two plays where he just walked the olineman straight backwards with ease.

I think he will take time. Who knows what he is like mentally - how tactically smart he is and how he studies, but I find it hard to imagine how he won’t be able to make an impact through his physical traits alone.

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Man I hope we hang on to Silvera, but can see the numbers working against him. Personally I'd keep him and put Jenkins and A. Butler on PS.  Less chance they get poached.

Gota feeling either Tillery or Nichols will be a let down, so be nice to keep some of the youth we invested in.

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Wouldn’t be surprised if we took 7 WRs initially with a view to trying get something in a trade for Wilkerson.

If we cut Bolden we save $2.2m (I know there’s the offset) but it’s going to still be $1m+.

Nichols/Tillery both worry me with a lack of production and their cap hit. 

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