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BDL 2023 Week 5 - Rome Eternals @ Hungary Hippos


Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Rome Eternals
    • Hungary Hippos

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50 minutes ago, bcb1213 said:

I'm playing mostly a cover three?

Yes I know?

If you're referring to the Humphrey part - playing in cover 3 doesn't absolve him from any coverage responsibility. He's responsible for a third of the field with no one no back him up behind. You ask him to hold his zone against Metcalf for 80ish snaps (some of which are actually man-to-man). I don't think he can

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Really fun game here. It can go both ways. I like Herbert’s matchups despite playing a good secondary.

likewise I think Geno can make some plays against a burnable secondary and Judon less pass rush.

I think we get a back and fourth game with Rome sneaking out a close victory.

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