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Week 12 GDT Texans vs Jags (For the AFC South Lead)


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Happy Thanksgiving Yall! 

There's a lot to be thankful this year as Texans fans.

We're thankful to have found our franchise QB, who is a well rounded human being and is lights out on the field.



We're thankful for bring Capt back home to lead this franchise out of its dark days.



We're thankful for Lovie Smith winning that what we thought was a meaningless Week 18 game last season.



And last but not least, we're thankful for the Carolina Panthers organization for falling in love and taking Bryce Young #1 overall. 




Now onto the game


If you would have told any of use that this Week 12 game would be for the #4 Seed and the AFC South Division lead, we all would have said your full of turkey, or just pulling out hambone. 

But here we are....

This game has its all. 

2 of the better young QBs in the league, although TLaw has had an up and down season, last week he was firing on all cylinders vs the Colts.

2 of top drafted edge rushers in previous years in WAJ and Travon Walker.

2 do everything backs in Motor Singletary and ETN.

A young WR corps for the Texans who are flourishing in front of our eyes, pitted against a talented veteran WR room in Jacksonville. 

This game will come down to the QB's. Can CJ Stroud shake the flourish of INTs he's thrown lately? Will TLaw pick up where he left off last week?

I think we're in store for a high scoring affair that'll get the blood pumping as were all recovering from our tryptophan coma's.


LJC's Prediction: Texans 27 Jags 31

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Home game is a positive. The only thing I wish is that our secondary was 100%. This one will become a shoot out. 

looking a little too far ahead and a loss in the division to the jags means we avoid the Chiefs and ravens next year. Obviously that doesn’t factor into trying to win, but it’s a nice little consolation if we lose to know that we should be much better next year without as tough a schedule. 

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Our 3 toughest games left on the schedule are Jags, Broncos and Browns and they are all at home. 

toughest road game left is the colts week 18 

it’s gonna take 10 wins to make the playoffs, maybe 11 to avoid tie breakers. 

we could honestly lose to the jags and broncos back to back and still be in good shape to get to 10 wins. 

if we win the next two, we could be talking 12 wins potentially 

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We have the Jag's number over the years.  I wouldnt be shocked if they win but the Texans will be fired up tomorrow.  Tyson Campbell being out for them is huge for us. Assuming if Pierce plays It will be interesting to see how they work him back.  I think Singletary should get another 20 touches this week.   Stroud will torch their defense.  

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Having crushed the hometown Jaguars 37-17 back in Week #3 I anticipate a sweep.

== Aggregates, DVOAs, Differential, Yards/Points Scored/Allowed, Pick  =

Wk10 Ovrl-Rk DVOA HdC | Ofns-Rk DVOA | Dfns-Rk DVOA || Offense | Defense
AFCS         ****     |              |              || Yds Pts | Yds Pts
                      |              |              ||         |        
Jkvl  893 10  9th  +1 |  378 16 16th |  515  9  6th ||  16  11 |  20  11
Hous  896 12 12th Evn |  296  5  9th |  600 21 18th || 5th  10 |  18  14
Indi  949 17 17th Evn |  343 11 18th |  606 22 13th ||  14 9th |  25  26
Tenn 1090 26 22nd  +4 |  404 19 23rd |  686 28 20th ||  27  27 |  22  17

     With the exception of QB (where rookie CJ Stroud gets better every week) and OG, Houston is higher ranked at every position on offense...

PFFA: 12th --  Houston Texans  -- vs -- Jacksonville Jaguars --  PFFA: 10th

Ofns  QB1 RB1 WR1 WR2 WR3 TE1 [QB  RB  WR  TE]| LT1 LG1 Cnt RG1 RT1 || Ofns
Hous   16  12 5th  23  63  29 [16  24   6  13]|  20 #48  23  24  33 ||  5th
Jkvl  8th  18  41  70  71  14 [18  29  19   7]|  40  13  31  20  53 || 14th  
                                              |                     ||
Hous   26  19  11  25  86  19      65      81 |  37  97     115  17 || 21st
Jkvl  9th  70 7th  61  93  84  25     7th 9th |  44      26      80 || 11th

      ...and better at Strong Safety and two CB positions in a game that will be decided in the air.  The 1½ point spread with the visiting Jaguars as the favorite is an insult.  I took the Texans and gave 3½ points in a teaser.  This one shouldn't be that close.





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