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Titania Keeper League - After 11 years, the end has come


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54 minutes ago, TitanSlim said:

So I finished 6-7 and have a career 36-37 record. I'm officially the Jeff Fisher of the league...:|

2013: 8-5, Lost in the Championship 127.11-152.21

2014: 8-5, Lost in Semifinal 159.28-164.26, won 3rd place game 142.44-120.56 (Would have lost to either team that made the Final)

2015: 7-6, Lost in Quarterfinal 142.24-156.62, lost 5th place game 144.34-263.67

2016: 2-11

2017: 9-4, Bye Week, Pending.


Team has been in decline since we initially kicked this off. Surprised I didn't axe myself after last season. 34-31 regular season in this league, 74-79 all time apparently.


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5 minutes ago, RuskieTitan said:

Putting up 206.84 points while resting on my first round bye... Just the second time my team eclipsed 200. And I have this feeling that I'll flop next week.

Our two teams are going to be the two highest scoring in the league this week and neither of us is playing. Which can only mean that I'll score about 120 and lose next week.

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Fun season fellas!! Was really hoping I would survive to see Rodgers return, but no such luck. Kamara gets hurt early and really my entire team just lays a gigantic egg. Freeman scored a TD but my only other positional player to score a TD was left on my bench in favor of Jermaine Kearse lol. Bad move at the wrong time and just a bad week. Trying to hold out hope for some combo of 80 points between Patriots D and Burkhead, but its just not going to happen. I am not too surprised though. I scraped by most of the season with some lucky matchups and a few lucky breaks in terms of who I played in a given week.

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