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Titania Keeper League - After 11 years, the end has come


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Can't believe it took me this long to make this thread. I'll just copy over some of the essentials.

Keeper structure:


I was thinking about potentially breaking it down in to tiers, something like if you spent x pick to keep the player the year before, the cost is now x: 
10 round pick or later - New cost: 8th round pick 
7th-9th round pick - New cost: 6th round pick 
5th-6th round pick - New cost: 4th round pick 
4th round pick - New cost: 3rd round pick 
3rd round pick - New cost: 2nd round pick or highest pick left 
1st or 2nd round pick - New cost: 1st round pick or highest pick left 
Note: This only goes for a player you are keeping for a second year onwards. If it's your first year using that player as a keeper, you lose the pick that you used on them last year.



Last year's keepers:

Raging Bulls 
Delanie Walker – 8th round 
Carlos Hyde – 9th round 
Carson Palmer – 11th round 
Jordy Nelson – 18th round 

Brandin Cooks – 2nd round 
Jeremy Maclin – 5th round 
Coby Fleener – 17th round 
Thomas Rawls – 18th round 

Eric Decker – 6th round 
Travis Kelce – 8th round 
Ben Roethlisberger – 9th round 

Julio Jones – 1st round 
Dez Bryant – 2nd round 
C.J. Anderson – 8th round 
David Johnson – 14th round 

Russell Wilson – 2nd round 
Le’Veon Bell – 6th round 
Alshon Jeffery – 7th round 
Allen Robinson – 8th round 

Andrew Luck – 2nd round 
Greg Olsen – 6th round 
Arizona D – 10th round 
Blake Bortles – 18th round 

Michael Griffin 
Adrian Peterson – 1st round 
Demaryius Thomas – 2nd round 
Keenan Allen – 5th round 
Kelvin Benjamin – 17th round 

Mularkey Sucks!!! 
Antonio Brown – 2nd round 
Cam Newton – 8th round 

Tajae Is Sharpe 
Rob Gronkowski – 2nd round 
Justin Forsett – 8th round 

A.J. Green – 1st round 
Aaron Rodgers – 2nd round 
Julian Edelman – 4th round 
Devonta Freeman – 11th round 

Amari Cooper – 2nd round 
Todd Gurley – 3rd round 
Marcus Mariota – 4th round 
Odell Beckham Jr. – 8th round 

King’s Bishop 
DeAndre Hopkins – 2nd round 
Brandon Marshall – 4th round 
Doug Martin – 8th round 
Latavius Murray – 9th round



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Now, let's see who still hasn't made it over here.

@-Hope- @ragevsuall17 @TitanSlim @ttitansfan4life @grizzans3222 @TheDeeeeej 

I think we're still waiting on the other five. Which is a lot more than I anticipated. Going to have to send out PMs on the old forum.

There's a chance, if we lose someone in the transition, that we will need a replacement owner or two. If you're not in the league, but are interested, post in here and I'll add you to the reserve list.


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@Titans fan 617 @titans_5@TitanSlim@-Hope-@ragevsuall17@ttitansfan4life@tntitans4life17@grizzans3222@TheDeeeeej

Now that virtually everyone is over (other than Ruskie, which is weird since he's still posting away on the old FF), we can probably start talking more about dates. It sounds like you guys prefer Sunday, I'd probably lean towards the night of Aug. 27. Something like 7:30 p.m. Close enough to the season that there shouldn't be any major injuries after the draft. I'd go with Sept. 3, but that's the Sunday of Labor Day weekend and I figure it's likely at least one person will be out of town for the holiday weekend.

If we roll with Aug. 27, I'll probably set the keeper deadline for the Wednesday before. Let me know if you have any objections or prefer a different date.

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So I know we haven't set a draft date yet... but we should probably start by setting a keeper deadline, right?  Maybe set the keeper deadline the week before Labor Day (I think you need to manually enter keepers as the commish?)... then we can draft Labor Day, since I assume most of us are off (maybe?)... or late Labor Day eve (Sunday at 9?)

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