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Devils Country Music Thread


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Top Songs 25-1



25.Chris Young w/Vince Gill-Sober Saturday Night
24.Florida Georgia Line w/Backstreet Boys-God, Your Mama, and Me
23.Keith Urban w/Carrie Underwood-The Fighter
22.Brothers Osborne-It Aint My Fault
21.Michael Ray-Think a Little Less


20.Miranda Lambert-Tin Man
19.Thomas Rhett w/Maren Morris-Craving You
18.Luke Bryan-Fast
17.Daruis Rucker-If I Told You
16.Blake Shelton-Every Time I Hear That Song
15.Dustin Lynch-Seein Red
14.Lanco-Greatest Love Story
13.Jon Pardi-Dirt on My Boots
12.Blake Shelton-A Guy with a Girl
11.Kenny Chesney-All the Pretty Girls


10.Midland-Drinkin Problem
9.Luke Combs-When It Rains It Pours
8.Brett Young-In Case You Didnt Know
7.Luke Combs-Hurricane
6.Dustin Lynch-Small Town Boy

5.Kane Brown w/Lauren Alaina-What Ifs
4.Little Big Town-Better Man
3.Thomas Rhett-Unforgettable
2.Keith Urban-Blue Aint Your Color
1.Sam Hunt-Body Like a Backroad

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EP Rankings for 2018

EPs really are the new big thing in country music for new artists, since they are only 4-6 songs and cost a lot less to make. Plus, with streaming and digital music, hardly any have to be physically made. That gives record labels an out to really see if their new artists are worth the money for a full length LP.

If an artist put out a EP this year and then released a LP, the EP will not be in the rankings.

Not a huge fan of this years list. I only have 4 albums that scored a 40 or higher on the 50 ranking scale.

As always, these lists are personal preference. I will be posting the albums in one post, then a song i like in another post to not clutter it up.




A 10 out of 50 might be generous for this album. She released a full length album later in the year, but after hearing this, I couldnt give the LP a listen. There isnt a song that is even close to decent. If it wasnt for her looks, she wouldnt even have a record deal.




I really try to like Chris Lane. He has a great voice, even though its not really suited for country, but I sit down and listen to the music that he puts out, and for every song that I like, there are five that I cant stand. Take Back Home Girl is his new single, and its kind of ok.




Every year I try to widen my knowledge on the guys coming out of Georgia, and Ive found a lot of guys that I really like. Velo is the guy for 2017. I like his voice, and I think he could have a future in country music, but his latest EP is not great. All the songs are really bland and forgettable. I might give him another chance down the road.




Doleac could be a guy that you might hear on radio stations next year. He has a full length album coming out in 2018, and is already being heard on XM radio. I want to like him. He definitely has some talent, but like others on this list, debut EPs can be bad, and this one just doesnt hit the mark.




Phillips had a great 2017. Opened for Luke Combs on his tour, and signed with Big Machine Records. 2018 looks like it could be big as well. He is opening for Bratley Gilbert's tour, and we could hear new music from him. I really like his voice, and Midnighters is one of my favorite album cuts from EPs this year.




Cole did something different for this years EP. He covered hit songs that he wrote for other artists. Youll hear songs from Luke Bryan, Craig Campbell, and Thomas Rhett. All are stripped down. Beer in the Headlights, a song Bryan released, is the best on the album, and makes me wish Cole released it.




I honestly do not know how I came across this EP. Micaela has no major record deal, and I dont think Ive ever heard her on XM. I do like her voice. I wish that we would have gotten a little less cliche with this EP. It felt like Ive heard every song on this album on the radio.



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I apologize for the different picture sizes. Its hard to find the albums on a certain size when they arent that well known.




I really wanted to like this more than I did because I like some of the singles that he has released in the past year that didnt make their way onto the EP. This is probably another case of an unsigned talent not having enough quality songs at his disposal, so he puts out ones that are bad to cash in on what early success he has found.




Griffin is a guy that you could hear a lot more of in 2018. His debut album isnt bad, but it sounds pretty much exactly like a hundred other albums released in Nashville today. There are traces of a good artist in there, and maybe he will find what really works for him and make a good full length album in the future.





Here is a guy that has a big future in Nashville. He hasnt gotten a foot hold in Nashville, but he is selling out shows in college towns all across the south. Half of his six song EP is very good. The other half isnt. He is another guy that put out singles right before the album that werent on it, but the songs(Georgia Time, Runnin with an Angel) should have been on the album.




Levon is a very talented group. They have some great harmonies in their music, but they still need some work. It sounds like they are still trying to find their identity. Once they do, they are going to be big in Nashville, but until then, we get glimpses of greatness on their self titled EP.




2017 was supposed to be Ennis's big breakthrough. Woke up in Nashville was getting buzz at the beginning of the year, but it never broke through on the charts. Im not sure if Ennis really is suited for country music. His voice and use of the piano are great, but its not a sound you are hearing on country radio.


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You hear a normal pop sounding country in Lay's music, but you also get some good acoustic guitar licks, and that is what puts him above the other new guys. Its still not great. Its a four song EP and I honestly really only like two of them, but he gets a bump because of his guitar.




Blue Jean Baby and Underdogs. Two great songs. Thats what puts Jimmie Allen's self titled EP at this spot. The first two songs on the album are great. He blends in more R&B music in the last couple of songs on the album, and the music suffers, but you hear enough of him to think that he could be special.




I will be a Tyler Barham fan until the day my heart stops beating, and I will never know why he doesnt have a record deal. What sets his music above other young artists is that he knows how to write a song. That ability, along with his talented voice, is what puts him this high in 2017.




There is a little more contemporary country sound in the new EP from the OSMR boys. You can still hear the southern rock in their sound, but the group might be trying to grab a more mainstream audience. Either way, its still a great sound, and a enjoyable EP.




When I was first introduced to Hurd, I didnt like his sound. Its not contemporary country, or even bro country. Its more of a adult contemporary sound, but his voice won me over. He is blessed with one of the best voices in country music, and that is the reason he is just outside of the top five.



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If you want to hear a mix of a more traditional country sound mixed in with some blues, then Muscadine Bloodline is the duo for you. In a time where country music has become superficial in its lyrics, these Alabama boys break that mold by telling stories with their music, and they have built a large following because of it.




Worthington finished second place on The Voice a couple years back, but it wasnt Nashville that called, it was his home state of Texas. His traditional country sound has made him one of the biggest newcomers. If you miss hearing guys like Mark Chestnutt and Tracy Byrd on the radio, then Worthington is the guy for you.




Margo continues to push herself and develop new and interesting sounds. She is the queen of psychedelic country. I almost didnt put the EP on the list, but only one song(Weakness) is on her full length album. Paper Cowboy is not only the best song on the album, but it is one of the best songs released in 2017.




Linden Ave is probably the most fun you will have from listening to an album in 2017. Tenpenny has a knack of taking normal situations that you hear in music and putting a twist on them lyrically. Instead of your first love in high school, he uses the same template, and gives you The Truck I Drove in High School, and no one will ever forget his song B*tch*s, that deals with a cheating significant other.




Nashville giveth, and Nashville taketh away. Their debut song, Smoke, was a hue hit a couple years ago, but these southern rockers have not changed their sound, and cannot be found anywhere on the radio. Thats good for the fans though. Bridges is one of the best albums released in the past few years, and as long as they keep doing their thing, there will be an audience for this music.

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Favorite 50 Songs of 2017

Was trying to get to at least 75 songs for the list, but I didnt want to add songs that I really didnt love, so I am doing a top 50 with some honorable mentions.

This is all my personal preference of singles released by artists. This is a very broad statement. I pretty much included any songs released to radio(Mainstream/Texas/XM), or any songs released by themselves, meaning not attached to an album, or a lead song with a video when there are no other songs released from that album.


Whiskey Myers-Stone


Whiskey Myers-Hank


Mickey Guyton-Nice Things


Dylan Schneider-Two Black X's


Chase Rice-Everybody We Know Does


Sunny Sweeney-Better Bad Idea


17 Memphis-Leather & Levi's



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Been on vacation for the past week. Going to get at least 10 out tonight, depending on the Georgia game, and alcohol. listing songs in this post. Link to songs in next post.

50.Wheeler Walker Jr-Puss in Boots

49.Turnpike Trubadors-The Housefire

48.Ryan Griffin-Back Seats and Burnt CDs

47.Casey Donahew Band-Country Song

46.Drew Fish Band-Livin' for the Weekend

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