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Lions Den - Introductions

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X_Factor_40    1

Welcome to the new look Lions Den! With the new forum comes new opportunities for growth! It's been years since we've all taken a minute to introduce ourselves again. Being a forum full of veterans, let's take some time to talk a little about ourselves, and welcome in new fans as the Lions Den gets a new look and the team works on another run for it all!

Some ideas *thanks to the Jagz forum!*


State you were born in:

Current State:


Profession/Area of Study:


What makes you a Lions fan:

When did you become a fan:

Favorite current player:

Favorite all-time player:

Other favorite teams:



Favorite movie/TV Show: 

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IDOG_det    31

Oddly enough I became a Lions fan during the 0-16 season. That was when I really got old enough to pay attention to football and actually care/know about it, and the Lions were the local team. I only root for local teams in other sports, so it only made sense to become a Lions fan. Maybe doesn't make quite as much sense now.

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