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2018 Depth Chart...How do you see it?

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On 5/13/2018 at 11:05 AM, Humble_Beast said:

My 53 as of May 13

QB: Carr, Manuel, Cook (3)

RB: Lynch, Martin, Richard(3)

FB: Smith (1)

WR: Cooper, Nelson, Switzer

WR: Bryant,  Roberts, Ateman (6)

TE: Cook, Smith, Carrier (3)

T: Penn, Miller, Parker,  Kirkland (4)

G: KO, Jackson, Sharpe (3)

C: Hudson, Feli(2)


DE: Mack, Edwards, Tank, Key (4)

DT: Ellis, Hurst, Hall, Vanderdoes , Hester(5)

OLB: Irvin, Whitehead, Morrow, Lamar (4)

MLB: DJ, Wilburn (2)

CB: Melvin, Conley, Worley, Nelson, Wright, McDonald(6)

S: Joseph, Obi, Gilchrist, Nelson (4)


Specialists: Eddy, Townsend, Depaulo (3)





This is probably what our final 53 will look like unless we sign a veteran FA. Although I've read that our staff is adamant about moving Roberts and probably will during TC.

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