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4-6-18 Bears Mock Draft


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This is not a prediction.  Its what I would do if possible and trying to keep slots realistic.  Ran several simulations to see what players would be in range.  
Pick 8:  Trade to SF for 9 and 70.
1st Pick 9:  Harold Landry OLB
6' 3" 252 lbs 32 7/8”
Gives Bears 2nd best edge OLB in draft at a position of need, plus Bears pick up their 3rd from SF with the trade.  (SF takes their guy Edmunds and simply gives Bears back a 3rd, everybody wins).
2nd Pick 39: Isiah Oliver CB
6' 0"  201 lbs  33 1/2”
Give Bears arguably best physical press corner in draft.  Compares favorably with Richard Sherman coming out.
3rd Pick 70: Orlando Brown OT
6' 8" 345 lbs  35”
Brown fell to 3rd due to poor workout, was a projected 1st round talent.  Could start for Bears at RT this season and move Massie to guard.   If not, move Brown to guard and use him for OT depth.  Gave up 0 sacks in 2017.  
Leno, Long, Whitehair, Massie, Brown makes Bears O line a strength again barring injuries and assuming Long can still play at a high level after multiple off season surgeries.    
4th Pick 105: Nathan Shepherd DT
6' 5" 315 lbs 32 3/8”
5 tech with athletic upside comparable to Hicks.
4th Pick 115: BJ Hill DT
6' 4"  315 lbs
1 tech or possible 5 tech, good rotational player and depth.  Nice potential.  Was real good in Senior Bowl practices.  
6' 5"  214 lbs   33”
Underrated long WR who may have gone much higher with better QB play.  Provides depth and could conceivably compete to start. 
QB with potential.  6'5 225 with strong and accurate arm.
Back up QBs are important, can get you high draft picks if they show potential in pre season or spot duty and may be your future preferred starter, you never know (cough Brady).  If you see a good one in late draft you should seize him for the investment.  Mike White fits the bill.
7th Pick 224:  6'3 251 ILB.  NICK DELUCA 
College injuries derailed much of him career.  Still a player with some potential and should be a good special teams player.
Picked up some stud DL, should help the ILB play no matter who is there.
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I should note that were I unable to secure a trade partner, I would select Edmunds at no. 8.

I gave Edmunds to SF because I had to imagine who they would want and who they think we would take at 8 in order to make a trade with us.

I really wanted to pick up a 3rd round pick.



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I'd like the draft overall save for 2 small things:

1. I don't think ESB goes that late.

2. Brown isn't just a bad athlete, he's lazy... and that's not something I'd want to deal with...

I think you could take ESB-WR in Brown's spot and perhaps grab Brandon Parker-OT in the spot you had ESB-WR slotted... Parker is a rougher prospect with far better physical tools, that Heistand could hopefully maximize.

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I don't like lazy players either.  Although if you have coached you find most huge guys appear 'lazy.'  Because anything they do is physically taxing.  Part of being huge.   

He didn't put up good numbers, but maybe with real long arms he simply can't bench a lot of reps.  Not uncommon, doesn't mean he is weak.  This guy still put players on their butts, he collapsed the entire line on down blocks, and nobody could successfully bull rush him.   That is functional strength.  Are we having a bench contest or playing football?  He is good at playing football.   

As for 40 time it is not surprising he is slow in 40 at 6'8 and 360.  OK wasn't shy about pulling him on power or sweeps and he got out there.  He put quickest LBer in game in Roquan Smith on his butt in the open field.   No mean feat.   He takes up a lot of space and you have to get around him and his arms.   Like orbiting the moon.   Not going to be your anchor man in track, but he definitely can get in your way, take you off your preferred path or shove you out of his. 

Guy made all his blocks on tape no matter who was in front of him.  Definitely worth a 3rd rounder to me.  OTs are hard to find in this league.  They are scarce and expensive.  You have to trust the tape and ignore the workout.  I'd roll the dice. 

Watch him play.   He does his job every play.    





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1 hour ago, beardown3231 said:

SF is worried that the Bears want the player they want so they trade up, just as the Bears were concerned SF or another team wanted Trubisky. It ensures that they get their guy

The Bears were fairly certain SF wasn't going to draft Trubisky, but there was a very good chance Cleveland (and maybe others) would take a shot at #2 to get him. That sort of one slot trade doesn't happen much without a fair amount of interest in the pick, and that usually means quarterback, which neither team would be coveting. For that sort of maneuvering, it would probably have to happen on the clock, with the Bears selecting Edmunds first. And if the 9ers really want Edmunds enough to make a trade for him, you'd think they'd do so before the draft, with, say, the Colts. 

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