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Preseason Game 1: Raiders v. Cardinals


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Just now, BigD1123 said:

I am actually wondering if we will see Hood at all. Maybe try to sneak him onto practice squad. But then I guess if we don't want another team to get him he could catch an injury like King did during Lechlers last season lol

Too early to know imo.  But yeah, I'm also puzzled by his lack of reps. GAIII got a lot of snaps.  Maybe @raidr4life was right.

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1 hour ago, MrOaktown_56 said:

“I don’t know that we’ve adequately addressed our middle linebacker position, to be honest,”


Not exactly compelling words of support.

No, not compelling because, just like you and me, he hadn't seen them in live NFL game action in our defense. That was even before the first OTAs iirc.

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1 hour ago, RaiderX said:

Lee has a long way to go. Sucks the staff is pushing him out there now, but the FO didn't exactly try to address the ILB spot in FA.

They tried, just didn't wanna pay the price the guys they liked wanted and didn't like the guys they could afford besides Jenkins.

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11 hours ago, Silver&Black88 said:

Do you think we end up trying for Riley again on another one year deal?

No, I said it awhile back and I'll stick with what I said then. I think we ride with the crew we have unless one of the top 4 guys (Lee, James, Jenkins or Adams) get hurt. If I'm wrong I'm wrong.

From their play Sat I think there were alot of things to like. I didn't see any missed assignments by the backers. I seen a few times Lee couldn't stay hip to hip with Ellington which will be how some teams choose to attack him at times and it's just something we'll have to deal with. He'll never keep up with scat backs. For the most part Lee and James were sound in their run fits aside from one play were no one had contain on the back side. I dont know whos assignment that was but it lead to a big run gain. Jenkins and Adams we also pretty solid in that respect. James and Jenkins were fast and around the ball alot even tho there were a few missed tackles. Overall i was pleased with those guys on the field. JDR left them on the field alot to get tons of tape and mentioned it afterwards that there are thing that they will see on tape that they can learn from and clean up. Sounds like this it the group unless something happens.

Lee - He needs to get better at disengaging from olinemen in the box. It's not gonna happen every because these guys are pros too but it's just a skill he can get better at. He looked good calling the plays and communicating with the front 7. I even seen a few plays were here realigned a dlinemen after a check so that is encouraging.

James - He was flying around like Karl was. He got his man down and took on blockers well. He had 7 tackles but he did miss one tackle in the back field on a back but he was diving at the guys legs. I think he'll just get better as long as he keeps his speed (no leg or foot injuries).

Jenkins - He looked good in run fits and was faster than I expected. I was encouraged from seeing him in tight coverage a few times as well.

Adams  - Not alot to see from him. made a few tackles and called the plays for the second unit and I didnt see any hiccups for the most part.


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